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Starting on a fresh page/First Time Blogging

Starting A Blog

My First Time Blogging

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blogging a fresh page
My first time blogging
Starting on a fresh page


This is my first time blogging! 😀 I’m a newbie in the blogosphere, it has actually taken years to finally decide on owning a blog. You won’t believe how much preparation it took me to launch this blog, i’ve read all the blogging tips and tricks, googled everything possible and surfed through other blogs to get the whole blogging saga, last last we go dey alright!


I’ve always admired blogging, it’s a  space where I believe I can express myself, talk about the things I’ll like to share and actually someday become an influencer, own a brand and pretty much build a legacy.  but the fear of the unknown, the fear of not being good enough in the aspect of content creation and the fear of throwing myself out there in the open has actually held me back from pursuing and achieving the creation of this blog, lately after the little push my brother gave, I thought to myself, 🤔 I’ve got nothing to loose if I just tried. The perfectionist part of me just wouldn’t let me follow my guts.

This blog was created on the 10th of August but it has taken me few days to make my first blog post mostly because I like to be precise not necessarily concise about most things I do, I like to be expressive with words but Hey! The fear of making mistakes or failing shouldn’t make us fail! It took me time to understand this. So here I am trying to share my little tidbits with you guys, everyday life experiences, Random musing, my thoughts with you all and the world at large.


I’m a sucker for Art and creativity in general with more interest in Nature photography, drawing, painting, writing, traveling, making discoveries, researching ainsi de suite. These are some of the areas of my personal interests.

I hope to reach out to young people, Art lovers, lifestyle lovers, photography lovers and writers etc I trust that you’ll find this blog interesting.

To be honest, Self doubt is something we should never conceive in our minds looking back now all I can think of is, “if I started back then in 2013, I would’ve been on another level” sometimes we just have to let our imperfections flow because that’s a great part of who we are, malgré tout, I’m here writing and you’re here reading and I’m grateful for that, I urge you to hang in with me a little while cos you’re in for a ride!


Put your seatbelts on! We are about to go on an expedition together in exploring life itself, life style, my personal diary space, my thoughts, self introspection in general and  I believe it’ll go a long way in helping viewers achieve their goals.

I believe as the day passes we will keep evolving and building ourselves personally and also get to know each other on this space.

Et voilà! I’ll be updating this blog once a week, preferably Wednesdays though I could update posts within the week as inspired.


I’ll be glad to hear your story, so share with me.

Have you ever had to start on a fresh page?

Are there times you have had self doubt?

How did you overcome it?



Eke Ihuoma
the authorEke Ihuoma
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My name is Eke ihuoma I'm a lifestyle blogger, i love writing and sharing my thoughts, my creativity daily experiences and perception of life asides this I'm a linguist by profession, I'm enthusiastic about languages, art, music, nature, photography. I'm a visual artist aswell.


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