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My Art Journey || Days Of Little Beginnings

My journey Into the art world.


Days of my Little beginnings||The start of my journey into the Art world.

An art painting of a turtle
Oma’s Art

Since we are all about introductions, here’s the story of the art savvy part of me, my art journey, how I actually discovered I could draw. There’s always a first time to everything and now looking back at the days of my little beginnings in 2018 it’s really mind boggling, it was in my final year during the final teaching practice,  I was about to be a fresh graduate, preparing for my final coursework (if you schooled in a university or college of education you’ll understand better) I was posted to a govt school around my area. Teaching in the school I was posted to everyday was nothing near exciting or fun.


After the days stress at school, shouting at the top of my voice, talking till my throat ran dry and cracked at every sentence, trying to teach over a hundred students in a class, classroom management was hell, students sitting on the floor, overcrowded, unventilated damn! 

 The school bell was like the sound of freedom, I wouldn’t wait a second to go home 🤦then I’d trek a small distance back home, tired, worn out and hungry, no one was giving anyone a dime! I’d get home rest, do my home chores, most weekends I’ll try to update my lesson note, prepare for the lessons and try as much as possible to digest the French I could grab, that was the routine for good six weeks I was tired, bored and uneasy, I had no appetite to read, I watched movies till my eyes got sore I was still bored, i read few books, one weekend I picked one of my French novels to read Alice Au Pays Des Merveilles by LEWIS CARROLL, 🙂




I remember the day I bought this pocket friendly novel, on 19th may of Oct 2017 at a library in Port novo when we went on an excursion, I actually wrote it down in the book, it reminded of my first trip abroad 😁 I tried reading few pages but the tense of the grammar that was used in the novel was causing catastrophe in my brain 🤣 and the strange happening In the plot was causing chaos.

 I was lost in the battle of comprehending the paragraphs and convincing myself I understood it correctly, 🤣😁 but I kept reading nevertheless, it was quite interesting. i finished a chapter, at a point I got tired and frustrated and I stopped, I kept staring at the book cover then it was like someone switched on a light bulb 😱 with excitement I searched the whole house for a pencil, I got a HB pencil, then I decided to draw the picture of Alice on the book cover, I thought to myself “Atleast I could pass time trying to figure out the drawing and it would be fun to try to draw even though I never knew how to draw” 🤔 






 I kept at it and when I finished I was like ” eemmm… Well I tried 🙄 but the enthusiasm and fun I had drawing Alice made me show everyone at home ” look at what I draw!😀 Did I try? Everyone said something nice… Then my brothers were like Wow my drawing was better than the original cartoon figure 😀 my eyes lit wide open, there was a rush of Adrenaline and it pushed me, I started drawing whatever cartoon figures I felt I could try out, I went on YouTube and downloaded alot of videos about drawing, I read articles I was excited then I saw videos of paintings too 😀 I ended up downloading more painting tutorials to that of drawing. I love colours and I just decided to take it a step at a time in 2020 I got my painting materials…. When colours explode on paper it’s like magic!

There is this common quote that says you can never know until you try or the one that says it’s never too late to dream another dream! Can’t really pin point… but they got to me, so Everytime I don’t do so well in drawing or painting I remind myself that I’m still learning and it will take a while to master the craft, I try not to be so hard on myself.

 Whatever it is you want to pursue whatever it is you want to do it’s never too late!! It’s still achievable, go for it!! Quit talking and just do it.




 It’s been a process of learning, unlearning and relearning now most times I’m bewildered on how far I’ve come🤗 like I can literally see my growth from the start of my journey into the Art world (visual Art) I kept learning, I’m still learning and I’ll never stop learning!! 



Here is what my recent drawing looks like.

The story behind the drawing: Happy Child

Have you ever discovered you could do something you never thought you could?

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