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Adulthood || The Transitioning Part1

Life of a young adult

Adulthood: Life Of A Young Adult


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 Adulthood is like when everything isn’t going right, when you just want to rant and complain about it to everyone around you, but then you are meant to put up with it, you have to suck it all in and smile at all times cos the world is full of It’s dose of negative energy, you have to be strong for yourself and embrace all the positive energy you can because in the end you are all you’ve got. 

Sometimes all I want to do is scream ontop of my voice because all of a sudden I see things clearer, everything is turned upside down, what we thought we knew about life, turns out to be irrelevant in most cases. If someone had told me life was this hard as a teenager, I would’ve buckled up.


Like a typical youth who is adulting, you feel as though you’ve understood so much, you feel like you’ve experienced it all and guessing that adulthood will be living out the experiences lived then boom! Adulthood hits you with something totally different and you tell yourself damn! This is a whole new  journey all together you have to stand up for yourself, you have to go for what you want, you are left out there in the open like a sheep astray though not alone, your decisions could either leave you with a happy end or life full of regrets.


Life as a young adult becomes full of discoveries, changes and then you realise that you have to “open your arms to change and not let go of your values.”  You fight the battle in your head between what you know and what you feel. Then there is growth, developing skills you need to survive if you haven’t, and then you get to forgive yourself for not knowing or knowing so little, learning things you never knew, relearning those you forgot and unlearning those you’ve learnt that might seem like a block way to your path of growth.

Somethings that should’ve been developed as a growing teen-ager you find lacking for some, and at this point you can only reminisce and ask the rhetorical question why didn’t anyone tell us it was this different? Maybe I would’ve braced up properly.


Indeed it’s a whole different world from what we were taught or what we thought we knew, then you get to admire those that have come before us and wonder, how did they do it? How did they pull through?


Truth is nobody prepares you for adulthood just like a random quote says, “Adulthood is like looking both ways before crossing the street and then getting hit by an air plane.

Very true, sometimes you make plans, strategize, calculate and your so sure there’s no loose ends then it hits you from where you never expected which can inturn come in a variety of things loss of a loved one, disappointments, hurdles, unemployment, heartbreak, financial breakdown. Not forgetting as adults you are meant to make the best out of life, and you get to learn that life is in stages you just have to be patient and trust the process of transitioning and trust that everything will fall into place and you get to connect the dots and become proud of how much you’ve grown! Just like Sigmund Freud said:

One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.”

Sigmund freud

keep trusting the process! Never forget life shrinks in proportion to one’s courage!!


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