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Trying Times || What Is Really The Way Forward?

 Trying Times|| what is really the way forward?

I made this post sometime on one of my social media handles, a lesson I garnered as a result of self introspection after my service year. I got back home trying to get back on my feet with this pandemic ravaging everything and stuff, I must say it hasn’t been easy! Today i remembered that post where I talked about plans not working out  and I re-read it to remind myself that things will all fall in place it’s just a matter time and in the long wait we can only be grateful for what we have and make each passing day count. So I just thought to repost it here. Because indeed it’s the undeniable truth worry gets you nowhere, you either change what you can, let go of what you can’t and stop complaining of what you can change. 

After a particular stage in life we all pause and think to ourselves, What’s Next? We try so hard to figure things out, without doubt, this is what is expected of us. Engulfed in the fear of not wanting to fail or ending in the place we were not meant to be, we get entangled in thoughts and loose ourselves in worry, frustration and depression. 

Towards the end of my Service year I learnt a lesson that cost me my time and money. In the process of making plans and arrangements on what you want the nearest future to be, and actually living that future there are times we lose focus and ask ourselves… “Where was I heading to in the first place?” Those little pauses, halts or whys those rhetorical moments, are GOLDEN!! Never to be overlooked!!

Sometimes you don’t have to follow the rules or follow through with plans, most times our plans can be faulty and you can only know if you take a step backward to ponder, reminiscence and try to connect the dots and you’ll discover that the pathway to your destination has already been disconnected, or sometimes it may not be that our plans are faulty, it can just be that it  didn’t work out because it just wasn’t meant to! Then You re-strategize! You realign your goals, You reschedule your plans… and watch as the dots connect. You get to start afresh and follow a new part, Indeed It is not about following through with plans because in the end you might discover that, somethings didn’t really matter. 

Life is too short to be dreaming, too short to be engrossed in what’s not working, too short to live in regrets, sorrow and pain, too short to keep thinking about what you want to achieve, when you should start achieving it, too short to be complaining, too short to be procrastinating what you can do today, too short not to take risks, too short to be thinking on walking on a clean slate and not make mistakes, too short to be waiting!! 

This is my September mantra! And I actually mean to sing it in my head every single day.

I used to bicker with my mind on what’s next, where to start from, how to achieve what (I’m not saying you shouldn’t make plans) it’s high time we stop trying to figure things out and let things figure themselves out. I’ve learnt that you only work with what you see, you only work to improve what you have, having faith that it will lead you to where you want to be. And for sure trusting and hoping in God for a way forward.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin

“The one that is most adaptable to change” It rings a bell you know.

Become your greatest competition!! If you think about this all the time you won’t have time to compete or checkmate others… in this mind you’ll be able to define, redefine and refine yourself.


I’m really sorry this post is coming late, blogging indeed has it’s own struggles, maybe someday I’ll talk about it. 

Thanks for reading through by the way.

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