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Parenting A Lifetime Responsibility Or Not?

Parenting a lifetime possibility or not?

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Parenting is a responsibility that every couple must face and more so, i’ve come to understand that it doesn’t just stop at a particular stage, it is a life long journey.

 Merriam Webster’s definition: “Parenting is the process of taking care of  children until they are Old enough to take care of themselves.”

But the thing is even when they are old enough! Parenting continues. A parent is like a guide leading a child on a journey, showing and explaining interesting and important things to know, and also helps in directing their behavior, life and career.


I’m talking about from infant stage to a young growing child metamorphosing into teen age, to the teenager who thinks he’s known enough then to a young adult who is beginining to see life as it is and the grown adult that believes he has known enough.

As they often say, every adult is a product of their upbringing, which is majorly tied to parenting. Childhood is a very delicate stage of  human growth. It is the time of sculpting, moulding and modeling.





Values are the most important things everyone is meant to have, these are virtues that makes living conducive. In a world were people show good values like honesty, trust etc you find out that the society thrives and grows in all aspects. These good values molds their belief system, an individual with a sound belief system and a good philosophy about life is prone to making the right choices. Our Values or virtues are what make us, they are who we are, they are what we represent regardless of education, religion, riches, poverty, etc they all help in magnifying these virtues.


The Bible says in Prvbs 22:1 “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” which is having good values with an outstanding character.



There is this controversy between our modern day parenting to our old parenting system which are both two worlds of difference.

The modern parent believes that a child deserves freedom, personal space and doesn’t require any form of physical punishment. Parents of the modern age feel they have to be more open with their children and also invest In them emotionally and psychologically which is contrary to the later. Which ever method one choses in bringing up their child is a personal choice.

The fact still remains parenting is not as easy at it seems! You learn alot of things as you grow in parenting because most times when children are conceptualized to a pattern of behavior they tend to unlearn the ones they know and learn new ones either through exposure, peer groups, wanting to belong etc  in all the values instilled, the things of life that matter most will not elude them. Watching a child derail from a particular principle of behavior and knowledge is painful indeed because you’d think you’ve done your best then it hits you from another angle.



Most parents  try to cover the tracks of their past  from their children but quite a number make the mistake of trying to measure up for the wrongs they made and in the process instill fear of failure or making mistakes in their children instead of guiding the child to growing as a new sprout.

The child in the long run still gets to discover their weaknesses and fears and then scorn them for the lives the lead them on.



Comparison is a dangerous tool that brings chaos in every form of relationship, between couples or friends and even parent-child relationship. It tears down walls and makes one feel inefficient and not good enough. Comparison can actually make a child turn against a parent and all they’ve ever known, A child is as fragile as an egg. We are meant to love our own as it is and cherish them for who they are and also help them in becoming a better version of themselves.


In my own point of view I believe that after parents have instilled values in their children they are left to trust their wards with the choices they make and guide them in making those choices not enforcing it on them and being observant enough to know when to step in. In the end trust is a major virtue in parenting not forgetting caring and being there for the child as often as possible.


What is your thoughts on parenting?

Do you believe parenting is a lifetime responsibility?


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