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Ways To Overcome A Creative Block

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Getting over a creative block

The creative mind is constantly faced with things that seem like challenges which can be channeled positively or negatively, this I can attest to. In these few months of being a blogger. Blogging I must say in all honesty, requires your dedication and consistency. As a creative, sometimes we harness the energy from a challenge or issue into creating a master piece, other times it affects your creativity.

There are so many distractions around us that don’t let the creative part of YOU Surface, there is the issue of lack of ideas and topics to create good contents in the case of blogging or lack of inspiration and motivation for other forms of creativity known as the ‘Creative block’.

It hasn’t been easy in these past few months it has been a struggle! Indeed consistency is not an easy virtue to uphold, it requires alot from you as an artist to be consistent in what you do.  sometimes the idea of relenting or procrastinating pops up and you have no option than to wave it of because you have to keep doing what you love to get results. There is a thin line between creativity and perspiration, it is one thing to be creative it is a whole new struggle to be motivated to actually bring creativity into life.

 Thomas Edison said; “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” 

Commonly rephrased, Creativity is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.

This is real talk. So it goes beyond being creative to being able to constantly be productive in our creativity.

Diimejiii said

I have found that when it comes to creative endeavors it’s always important to know the balance between seeking inspiration and actually getting the job done.

These two things intertwine and helps in bringing out the creative juice. Getting the job done requires perspiration and consistency Most times we are inspired to create and do unimaginable things but we sometimes lack the zeal to carry them out, not because we aren’t passionate or that we don’t know our craft well enough but mostly because there are alot of distractions that make us not to practice regularly in other to be more productive like; lose of focus, a creative block or mental/physical stress and lots more. 

Like I always reiterate to myself when you stop doing what you love, you begin to loose track of yourself. 

When you are not surrounded by the things that fuel your creativity we tend to loose focus. It feels more like a breach in connection, a total black out or complete art block, nothing comes to mind at the time being but somehow when you keep doing the things you love doing there is a connection that runs through all the creative aspect of us. 

But hey! We can’t let it take over!🤷 We have to keep moving! I ain’t giving in, I ain’t slowing down and urge you not to. There are things that can help your creative juices flow… I’ve tried them and it’s worked Out just fine, Here’s  a few.

Going through your old works (poems, drawings, crafts, articles, paintings). Going through other people’s creative works, taking time to have good mental rest and let your mind run wild in imagination, going out to exotic places, listening to music and doing things that are not related to your art , reading a book, visiting a friends, seeing a movie, Taking a walk, sometimes doing something different can get your creativity flowing again. Take care of yourself and take a break. Creative blocks are mostly temporary we will always get over it. And research shows that it happens to alot of creatives too. 😉

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Do you ever have creative blocks?

How do you get over it?

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