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Job Hunting|| Life After School

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I never thought I’d someday have to talk about job hunting. 😁 Back in school we all thought that acquiring good grades and putting in our best in our academic work would assure us  good jobs you know. 🤔 All the toiling day and night it’s old story now… Though for some persons it did workout.

While some other persons started their job hunting before and during the NYSC scheme. Some got lucky to get good Jobs, others didn’t and some others didn’t even bother searching. 

Finishing from school now and facing the stings of reality has actually made alot of difference. You get to learn that sometimes life doesn’t always workout as planned and that unemployment is truly a great concern in our society. You begin to understand the importance of Independence in every aspect of Adulthood (i’m talking about financial, having your Own Space kind of Independence etc.). 

Staying at home everyday trying to be hopeful, sifting through job search websites, applying online to every job vacancy available because your family members are draining you out and are about make you go crazy or because you’ve become so sick of your environment.

 Going out, walking miles to locate firms you could apply for, getting embarrassed by security personnel’s, coming to understand that in a country like ours what you study in school may not be what you end up doing. It’s just a cycle that keeps going.

 You try to match the right cloths and shoes and give your best at interviews but it seems like there’s more work to be done. Some interviews that go well suck at staff payment.

Life After School

The salary is more like a slap on the face which can proberbly cater for your transportion and one or two things or the fact that the jobs found always give you the common feedback “we will get back to you” and they never do! 🤷 Not to talk of jobs that look demeaning for a person with good grades, plus the pandemic that has put a setback on everything else, people being relived of their jobs adding to the rate of unemployment.

Life no easy at all.

Hundreds of mails sent out with little or no replies. it’s not easy as thought out yeah! 🤔 you even spend more on transporting your self to these job venues, Ça va aller.

A friend shared her experience with me on this job hunting saga of how the security man where she went to apply for a job wouldn’t even let her go in to see the principal of the school he just told her straight up, *There is no Vacancy* how rude!

I just pray that we all get good jobs and remember these memories as something to laugh about. 😁 I’ve chosen my peace of mind over any worries oh! we can only do our little best and pray for the best.

Walt Disney said

“I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter.”

It is indeed but then what can we do? We can only keep moving knowing how complex it is.

So good luck to me and everyone out there job hunting I pray we all get what we wish for.

Your story matters too, Share with me,

What’s your job hunting experience?

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