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The Beauty In Lines


A pencil portrait
A pencil portrait

Art for me particularly drawing and painting have become evolving moments for me, at every stage and height I reach I tend to amaze myself I’ve always loved humble beginnings and this growth I’ll keep track of  because to me it’s like a journey, it’s like a new door open to a path way to my creative outburst! This was my first commissioned work 😁 it took me quite some days to finish though, well i’m a beginner so what do you expect?. 🤷 

 Leonardo da Vinci said, “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” 

This is a true definition of an abandoned work because I was trying to meet the deadline. 😊

There was a tape playing in my head in the process of this drawing, most of the time I decline portrait works because alot is expected from you in trying to create a close to perfect masterpiece  and for me I don’t feel confident enough yet but in the process of this particular portrait I couldn’t help but admire the beauty of the human body and how it’s all connected by lines and shapes. I tittle it The beauty in lines. The story behind the drawing.


Lost in the traces of every line, in the shades of light and dark, the softness of the skin, the bump of every muscle, wavy lines at every point of the different parts of the body then I thought to myself damn! “This human was wonderfully made” for I was struck by the beauty in God’s creation. 

Every stroke on paper was like a caress on my soft skin, building out every muscle was intimate romance so much so that I was lost, starring unendingly into the paper focused on carving out every structure, with the pencil I felt every touch.

It was like a cool breeze that caressed my skin, I could feel the strength in those muscles as I stroke the paper with my fingers and closed my eyes to feel it’s rough, soft and tender surface, all I saw was beauty in lines.

Romance on paper 😎 I was just connected to the paper, it felt different this time. The human body is  indeed beautiful! breathtaking to behold. 

 This was exactly how I felt when I was making this piece.

What new things are you learning?

What creative part of you turns out to be your outburst of creativity?

What’s kind of Art do you enjoy?

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