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A picture of the guitar

Someone once told me I was a goal getter, but I never truly realized until it was said to me. Before I dived into art I’ve always loved everything about music, close friends know I like to sing alot. 😁 being a vocalist and playing a musical instrument has always been my dream especially these three; the violin, the piano and the guitar. 

As a child I always dreamt off playing the violin, I really do love the violin it still remains my best musical instrument (I think i have a thing for string instruments) 😉 but then everything doesn’t always work out they way you’d think they would. 

Not too long ago I found one of my old books full of goals and things I wanted to achieve not necessarily a diary, I just don’t like the idea of keeping dairies I mean  someone could find out all your lives secrets by looking through a book. 🤷

A picture of the handle of the guitar

And in this old book i saw the reoccurrence of most of the things I had written out as goals and things I wanted to acquire which are still lingering in the present goals i want to attain, at that moment of reflection I told myself the sincere truth that 

we often say or write down things we want to achieve without figuring out how to achieve them, in the process slowing down our growth.’ 

Which brings me in agreement with the Common phrase, don’t think about it, just do it. Not denying the fact that circumstances may arise that deters us from achieving our goals like the unprecedented Covid_19 in the year 2020.

 If we judiciously carry out all the written goals we are yet to achieve there will be an immerse level of growth personally as an individual and  socially. Self investment will always be the best form of investment.

A complete picture of the guitar showing all parts

So guess what, I’ve been wanting a guitar for so long since the violin is temporarily out of reach, 😁 I finally got one for myself. it’s the start of a new beginning. It’s going to be a rough ride but I’m up for it  because i believe that….

The minute we begin to settle down and be satisfied with what we have, we lose the possibility or revealing what is truly inside us. Myles Munroe

So go head-on and start achieving those written down goals and dreams that you are yet to achieve, No more talking just do! you may never know how far you’ll go until you try.

What goals have you been carrying over every year?

Do you write down your goals?

Have you achieved half of your goals this year?

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