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Working For the government Vs self-employment.

 Working for government Vs being self-employed

A diagram showing signs on which way to choose between working for someone or being self employed.
The government, private sector and self-employment.

I have not been thinking about working for the government in as much as working for the government is a patriotic way of living and somehow it guarantees your employment for life because it is on rare occasions that the government would wake up one morning and all of a sudden boom! your guarantee is gone, unlike the private sector. Here is my point of view. In Nigeria, it’s discouraging to say you want a government job because firstly it’s not easy to get and secondly the minimum wage is not encouraging and you’d have  to work for years to gain promotion.

I’ve lived with civil servants, I’ve seen the stress and pain they go through to execute their jobs it’s not funny, not to talk of how they owe workers salary for months or almost forget to pay pensioners but then people appraise the government because it generally pays better than the private sector plus it guarantees your staying employed compared to how the private sector is run. You enjoy security.

A picture showing the connection of people

Working in the Private Sector

This is a whole ball game altogether. Working in the private sector could be termed worse or better because your job is not guaranteed and adding to the fact that private sectors want to milk you dry for the penny they pay.

The experience I had a few days back got me thinking on the work system (workforce), in the space of 1 week, I went for 3 interviews (a step towards achieving my number one goal which I shared here.)

 Since last year I’ve been job hunting. Now after going for these interviews that looked ridiculous to me I discussed payment with 2 out of 3 of them that were ready to employ me and I was infuriated at how these organizations wanted the best for so little a price I mean who does that?  if you want Gucci dresses you obviously can’t buy them at the price of Okirika! (already used dresses) I went home sad and disoriented both the small and mighty, these people wanted to use me to an unrecognizable state yet they weren’t ready to pay the price.

Even though few private sectors pay better than the federal government in some fields, it still has it disadvantages.

On getting home I was busy lamenting to those I could lament to then a friend shared her own experience and I was left in shock. I just had to admit to myself employees are used as living machines and you see this right here that is what the private sector does to you.

It’s really difficult these days to get a good white-collar job. It’s like modern-day slavery, you could be tossed around anytime they want to or left hanging at any moment, your employment is not guaranteed. It’s sickening really, the Nigerian government has to figure out how to make working conditions easy for its citizens because if a good minimum wage is set and enforced the private sector would have to abide by it. That’s my take. Both working for the government and private sector are risky and time-wasting that is the reason I better understand why individuals are becoming self-employed.

A board written self-employment


The entrepreneur is better placed than those working for the government or private sectors because you are your own “Boss”, Nobody dictates anything or makes rules you’d have to live by, you make the rules, you make the decisions, you pay yourself. I know that self-employment is not easy because you have to persevere and be patient as well consistent which are virtues that can make you thrive.

To be sincere they are not easy to follow, but then it saves you from all the hurdles of working for the government or an organization. It is indeed the best system of employment, you even get the opportunity to create employment for others, you become a boss for yourself, the entrepreneur is better placed and has a more secured job. since my experience this week I’ve been thinking in this direction and how profitable it will be, though know that in this scheme you’ll have to work as hard as possible.

I end on this note by saying that the Nigerian system needs to review the workforce and I’m no more waiting on government or the private sector. you shouldn’t too. We should all be entrepreneurs.

Thanks for reading through, I’ll like to here your point of view.

What’s your take on the employment scheme?

What sector do you think is more beneficial?

Would you rather be an employee or be self-employed?

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