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Being Self-Taught (Learning something new)

Challenges Of Learning Something New.


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Being self-taught and learning something new can be viewed from two different angles but they sometimes describe each other on some occasions. We all have one or two skills outside the formal education scheme that we want to learn and going through that scheme is not on the list.

The internet has provided us with a variety of things to do and pieces of information that could aid anyone in learning anything you want to acquire.

Learning something new is not just self-developing but interesting to do, there’s the excitement that comes with learning something new, something you are passionate about, something that drives you to keep learning and wanting to have a deeper understanding of what you are learning which in turn comes with its challenges, now teaching yourself that new skill is even more challenging.

For some years and months, I’ve been learning new things and acquiring new skills like drawing, painting, playing a musical instrument and writing…, without actually getting a teacher to guide me through any of them I just make do with the internet and technologies which I believe is self-education, presently I’ve been learning the guitar for months and I must say it’s challenging to learn a thing by yourself. 

Some persons have their reasons for being self-taught maybe there’s no finance to get a physical or virtual tutor to help them achieve their aim or it could be, why pay a person for knowledge, when you can get it at your fingertips without spending so much?” I mean, the internet teaches almost everything instead of continually postponing the things you want to do or learn because you can’t afford them.

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The Challenges of being self-taught.

The problem with being self-taught is quite numerous, I’ve been facing some I’ll mention but a few.


One of the challenges of being self-taught is that a lot of encouragement will have to come from you. Motivating yourself towards learning that skill is not easy I must say, at first you are all excited to learn something you are passionate about, you are willing to give your all but as time goes on somedays you’ll just lack the aura to go on, you can’t even push Yourself to pick up the guitar in my case or let alone strum. Phew! 

Learning so much at a time:

Some days it’s the fact that there is just too much info. Too many things you tell yourself you should know, 

too many to learn at a time, no plan or scheme anything goes, having a teacher you are accountable to makes it less confusing. there would be a plan, focus and someone you’re answerable to. Sometimes learning so much at a time can lead to wasted time and effort then frustration begins to set in. 

Repetition leading to loss of interest:

Repeating the same thing over and over again just to master that level before moving to the next is tiring, in no time boredom sets in. I’m at this waterloo, somedays I abhor picking up my guitar, not that I’ve lost passion in learning but because the motivation is low and I’m getting tired of learning the same thing. This is where a teacher comes in handy.


Lack of zeal:

Now having the will to persevere and zealously pull-through is not something I think a teacher can help you with. I believe it’s more of a personal decision or resolution. In fact, it should be the motive behind learning anything.

There’s the challenge of getting quality information:

The information out there that could daze you and leave you cut in the web of not knowing where to start from or sifting through these pieces of information on the internet. it’s overwhelming! 

There are millions of self-acclaimed teachers or writers who fill the internet with any information they can get, leaving you victimized.

But then deciding to learn something new is a decision you make and being self-taught is a choice. is it possible? Yes it is, is it easy! Well, to be sincere it’s not, but there are ways to go around it and you know they reiterate the reason one chooses the other. There are things I’ve been doing to ease the process and I think can be beneficial in having results.

A book, a phone and a pen arranged
Getting organized

Things you can do to help.

Take it one step at a time, keep learning in stages and most importantly perfect every level you attain.

Constantly remind yourself of the reason you decided to take this path, the passion, the joy it gives you, the fact that you can’t afford a tutor at the moment,😁 

Remembering it’s a goal or skill you set out to achieve. Also, remember not to be too hard on yourself.

Most importantly Organized a learning schedule of the things you’d start with, Ilike myself at a point i made a list of areas I’d cover first in painting or you could also ask the pros what they think a beginner can start of with or as well Google them out. if you do arrange a schedule for learning it’ll not only make it easier, you’ll learn faster and right.

Like they often say nobody can motivate you except you, it’s very true if you can’t motivate yourself to do the things you want to do then nobody can. They can inspire you, spur you to take action but at the end of the day, you decide to take the action or not.

Revisit those goals, something I learnt from a book, revisit your goals often to remind “you” of All that you’ve decided to learn or achieve.

Think beyond the present and setbacks focus on your destination which is the future, who you want to be and what you gain to achieve at the end.

Less I forget, pray too if you can, I often put everything to prayer.

Don’t forget

“You can become whatever you want to be in this life if you’re willing to work at it.” by Ben Carson

You have to be willing to pay the price.

“Anyone who refuses to test his limits, anyone unwilling to move out of her comfort zone is destined to live life inside the envelope.” Ben Carson

“Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.” Dale Carnegie

What are your challenges in learning something new?

Are you self taught? If yes, what skill are you learning?

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