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Can You Possibly Learn Multiple Skills At Once? 4 Ways to achieve it..

How to learn multiple skills

Learning multiple skills at once

How to cope with learning so much at a time.

Learning Multiple skills
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Before I started writing the last blog post this was actually what was in my mind to share with you guys. Answering the question, Can you possibly learn multiple skills at once? Yes of course you can.

Learning a new skill is necessary, one gets to broaden their knowledge in some areas or have a profound understanding of what they already know.

Like they say learning never exhausts the mind Leonardo da Vinci

When you know better, you do better. Oprah Winfrey


Everyone is learning one new skill or the other with the technology made available which helps us learn quite a lot at liberty. In the society we live in today, one is judged by what they can do not only what they know.


Our brain has the capability of taking in so much information at a time which has helped us as humans to acquire so much knowledge and skills in various sectors, in as much as we have the ability to learn multiple things, there is the issue of being able to master these several skills you are learning. for most persons, acquiring too many skills at a time cause a lot of setbacks and stunted growth, although it’s important to be well informed and knowledgeable in a variety of fields.

No doubt that we can learn so much at once, but the possibility of learning multiple skills at a time and having profound knowledge is 0-5.

you wouldn’t expect total perfection because your attention is divided into other things. Learning multiple skills at a time can be beneficial and as well not advisable though some persons acquire so many skills and are very good at them all without batting an eyelid. We don’t regularly find the likes of Leonardo da Vinci even though we can all be more but then, there is no limit to what we can know.



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Learning so much at a time keeps you so engaged that you won’t dedicate the needed time to perfect that skill or course.


I’ve been learning different things and trying to improve on my painting to drawing to Writing and learning the guitar the list goes on, over time I’ve realised that you can learn all these but it slows down your pace of learning. Don’t get me wrong, it means you wouldn’t get the level of growth or improvement you are looking out for in a skill because a lot of things are feeding on your time and concentration.

There’s also the scenario where one skill suffers while the other grows like my painting and drawing, I can say the last time I drew something was during the lockdown period aside from the few sketches I did later on meanwhile I’ve been painting often I had a total of 20 paintings aside doddles but in drawing, I had like 5 pencil works.

Most of the time I always pick my brush up to paint and sometimes it feels like I’ve abandoned my pencil art that’s how it goes on. Now lately the thought of learning something new crossed my mind. I just had to pause and tell myself to focus on the one’s I’m trying to improve on at hand.

It’s great to acquire this knowledge but sometimes the brain becomes crammed with too much info. Like they often say Jack of all trade master of none, but often times better than the master of one. The aim is not just to learn something but to learn it well.

Learning too many things stresses you out it can make you physically tired and mentality tired as well. There is no doubt that as you try to improve on learning skill A, skill B would be diminishing and when you are ready to put in the work to improve on it you’ll realise how time has passed and how you haven’t been able to perfect what you’ve been learning in that skill and a times it can lead to frustration.


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How you can cope with learning multiple skills.



Scheduling your learning.

So I think even if you are learning more than one skill at a time there are faster ways to achieve it that won’t leave your brain stuffed.

Setting a period for learning helps you focus.

Most probably if you are learning multiple skills at a time, you’d have divided attention. we all know that when learning a thing your full attention is needed to be able to grasp the knowledge being given. Since it’s divided your rate of assimilation becomes slow, setting a time frame to learn these multiple skills helps you maximise time and concentration. it could be in form of time scheduling by the day, week or even months.


Don’t have very high expectations.

I’m not trying to sound negative, I’m trying to be practical and I’m saying this because having high expectations on your level of knowledge or growth can put you under the pressure of wanting to perfect in all the multiple skills you are learning which can leave you feeling frustrated so just keep at trying to improve on them and mastering every level you attain because it would take a longer time to perfect that skill.


Make your learning goals realistic.

Set learning goals that won’t put you under the pressure of learning things halfway, goals that will help you achieve what you want to learn in the time frame. Like for the guitar I’m learning, I started with chords within the first 3-4 months even though I can’t easily switch chords yet I know it’s a mastery that comes with regular practice so I’m not beating myself up, I’m onto the next one, music theory and still making out time for my chord practice.


Consistency is Key!

One thing that I’ve recently come to admit to is that consistency is crucial in whatever thing we are doing. In the space of these few months I’ve understood that it’s not all about you wanting to learn digital marketing or copywriting or a musical instrument like myself or making plans on how you’ll acquire multiple skills and even setting a time table! The hard truth is Consistency! You have to be consistent.

I was in a group where the convener of the writers training class was teaching about being a content creator and how to become a better writer and someone asked a question.  how can I be consistent?

He is very good at creating content but his problem was being consistent, Emmanuel M. Sunday’s answer was what left me thinking.

“For you to be consistent, you need to be committed.

And commitment is a personal Promise we make to ourselves.

What do you want to achieve from Writing? How bad do you want it? If your answer is not strong enough, you won’t be committed.

Keeping promises to people builds trust right?

But keeping promises to ourselves builds esteem, courage and competence


In essence, consistency is a commitment we make, a promise we make to ourselves and if you can’t hold onto this promise of being consistent you’d remain incompetent in that thing you are trying to acquire. Learning multiple skills requires your dedication you must be ready to walk the mile and also ready to be kind and gentil with yourself, because it won’t be easy but it’s actually possible you just have to achievement driven enough to do the things you want to do wether it’s learning multiple skills at a time or taking them one at a time. Everything is possible it’s left for you to make it possible.


“Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section.👇👇


Do you agree one can learn multiple skills at once? If no; give your reasons.

What skills are you learning? How efficient is it?

What other tips can you give to learn multiple skills at once?


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