Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Beams Of Love || in celebration of international poetry day!!

 Beams of love

Photo of an eye

The eye is the mirror of the soul, the eye is the only meduim to see through the body into the soul.

It speaks volumes just in one glance, it sparkles with words untold, it is the messenger to the brain. 

When the eyes are no more all other mediums awake.

In it you find attraction, hate, anger, peace and deception. 

when I look upon those drop dead gorgeous eyes it shimmers with light.

It makes me fall deep in love, every glitter is like a stroke of the cain on the walls of my heart.

Oh! how dare you look upon me, how dare you break those walls for beauty is in the eyes the beholder, 

This beauty is more than the physical it is of the spiritual for it exposes the intent of the heart,

It exposes the evil deeds of the mind betraying it’s owner. 

For every second i look at you it gleams with quick intermittent rays of light and i drown in the ocean of your love for all i see is the beauty of your soul for it speaks volumes in just one glance.

                                                 Poem by Eke ihuoma

Happy world poetry day!!

Photo by Shirsendu Adak from Pexels

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