Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Poem || The Ticking Time Bomb

The Ticking Time Bomb

A man sitting infront of a clock
Emotions that rupture

I’m a ticking time bomb there’s no much difference between I and the ticking clock, the only thing revealing is that I show red lines.

I’m a ticking time bomb I make no noise before I burst forth in violence. You’d hear the tick tock tick tock resonance.

You’d see no steam nor smoke before I explode in silence, and with time

 it accumulates in speed and very quickly the countdown kicks off.

I’ll take you unawares with a rupture in rage and anger 

when i let my emotions out with full force, it becomes a devastating explosion that can last for years eternal.

Never forget, I’m a ticking time bomb. Don’t turn my switch on.

                                             Peom by Eke Ihuoma

Photo by Oladimeji ajegbile from pexels

Eke Ihuoma
the authorEke Ihuoma
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My name is Eke ihuoma I'm a lifestyle blogger, i love writing and sharing my thoughts, my creativity daily experiences and perception of life asides this I'm a linguist by profession, I'm enthusiastic about languages, art, music, nature, photography. I'm a visual artist aswell.


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