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A Poem about the ills in our society || The Unsual Response


The Unsual Response

A picture of a worried face
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What’s on your mind…..?

She asked, after a long silence.

I took a proper look at her to be sure she’s ready for my response.

What’s on my mind?, I asked again…..

Well…… This is it!

My mind shows the picture of a hungry wailing child, a mal nourished breastfeeding single mother.

My mind displays the agony of an orphan on the street, with no relative or food to feed.

My mind pictures a widower roaming the market with a huge list, little money and a family to feed.

My mind is filled with pain for the innocent man  arrested and paraded for a crime he knows nothing about, a family man with a new born baby.

My mind tells the tale of a shattered family, whose only child was shot by the stray bullet of a uniform man on his way back from serving his country.

What’s on my mind…?

Oh, it’s the young school girl sexually abused by a man she calls father, disbelieved and called a list by her mother.

Enough….she said in tears, I expected the usual response “nothing much”. 

This is just too much in there to relay,

People are really going through a whole lot, I must confess.

Oh yes, and my mind has a lot in it, so when next you ask what’s on my mind, be rest assured it’s not the usual response you’ll get.

If people are going through a whole lot, why cause them more pains..?

If you can be a pencil to rewrite someone’s happiness, try to be an eraser to erase their sadness.

                                                        By Blessing Udoh.

                                                       A writer and a poet.

Eke Ihuoma
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