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The Big Deal || Turning Twenty-Five.

10 Lessons I learnt on my journey to Turning Twenty-Five.

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For some people birthdays are not very important and to some others the opposite, For me i believe it’s a day to reminisce on life lived so far, a moment of reflection on mistakes and how to change the narrative,

Everyone who is yet to turn twenty-five or who is past 25 would agree with me on how much of a big deal it is, turning twenty-five is more like transforming fully into adulthood. When i turned 20 i felt oh wow I’m on my way to being an adult then i turned 21, 22 but by the time i turned 23 i began to see the real transformation, life after school, nysc, the hustle, fending for yourself, work stress, holding on regardless of how hard life is i understood more and for some others i could’nt wrap my head around them. looking back now i see how much of the struggle with my innerself in letting go of the teenage life into adulthood.

Today I am quater of a century old and it’s a big deal, it’s a remarkable time in each of our lives. I know it’s a demanding age and a period to be decisive about your choices and focus. It’s more like your brain becomes restructured. There are alot of things the age comes with.

1) You become wiser.
2) You learn to take defeat and rejection.
3) You learn to tell yourself the truth at all times.
4)You feel alot more responsible.
5) You focus towards feeding your mind. and doing things that are worth while
6)You become more mature in thinking.
7)You become financially aware.
8)You learn to say No firmly.
9) You become more conscious and focused.
10)You choose your friends and company.
11)You become open to giving serious relationships a trial.
12) You become stronger.
13) You  learn  to accept Uncertainty. 

Turning 25 for me today comes with alot of positive energy despite not knowing what the future holds or how to shield the stones life throws at us, i believe that better days are ahead the sleepless nights, the financial breakdown, the emotional issues, the joblessness will all sort itself out as the day goes by as long as we keep pushing, never relenting, working towards our long-term goals in the now we’ll conquer and achieve heights and look back at our twenties and give ourselves some accolades. I’m no longer in my early twenties it’s exciting and scary 😊 I’ve learnt alot of lessons in my early twenties and they’ve helped me build a strong shell to stand though times because no one’s is promising anything but when the battle is over we will be victorious.

Above i mentioned the feelings that come with turning twenty-five here are the lessons learnt.

10 Lessons i learnt on my journey to turning 25

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1) Life is in Stages

I’ve learnt that life is in stages and full of uncertainties, we have to be patient and kind with ourselves and also prepare for the future we cant see.

2) Look out for yourself

Nobodies is looking out for you except You, so you have to take care of yourself at all times often times listen to your body or intuition and be selfish when you have to be,

3) Friends come and go!

Friends will always come and go and as we all grow, we out grow some friends and meet people that carry the kind of vision we carry.

4) Be a strong believer

Holding unto God for me is key because there are so much battles and temptations that comes with this age bracket (twenties) and you need a superior power to guide and direct your path.

5) Money Money Money

Money is important 😁 I’m guessing you didn’t see this coming, sincerely this is undebatable, as an adult you cannot fend for yourself or those around you when you don’t have a good financing system! If you’d ever want to achieve anything begin to think on how to derive good flow of income or earning.

6) Try to be Happy always

Life is too short to be sad or unhappy, it is important to stay happy and make yourself happy even in the face of challenges take your mind off them, have fun, go out often, keep busy , pray and they’ll go away with time.

7)Choose your friends wisely

Have a good network of friends it’s important, make and keep friends that will push you, support you and go with you the whole journey, friends with visions, friends that are readily available, this is very important.

8) Have integrity

Never compromise your value or belief system for any reason these things form who you are you. 

9) Show kindness

Do good, treat people nicely someday they’ll return the favor

10) Expand your knowledge and experiences the world

Read more books, attend more serminars, go for events, attend weddings, do what you love and live every moment of your life.

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There are alot of things to be grateful for, I’m grateful to God for life and good health most especially when these two are in place every other thing is guaranteed. So hey! Wipe does tears, clean up those soars, push through that challenge because those scars they would leave will become our unique story, keep trusting God and being positive because where there is life! There is hope. 25 is a Unique Age make the most out of it.

I’m Happy to be alive!!

Happy birthday to Me!💃💃

I’m excited and interested in getting to hear some advice from my readers as i approach this important and challenging moment in life.

What advice would you give your 25 old self?

Please leave a comment below or you send your response through the contact form.

Thank you ❤️

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