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Hurray! Its the Blog anniversary: My Journey blogging so far

My one year of blogging, challenges so far

The challenges of blogging as a newbie and Lessons I’ve learnt so far.




It’s been one year blogging already wow! I almost forgot, it’s the blog anniversary. It feels like just yesterday when i was still contemplating if i should start or if i can actually run one, like i shared in my first post here  go read up to get a clue of what I’m talking about.

I’m glad i took that decision you know, there are alot of things I’m grateful for it has been a wonderful experience and i can’t thank you guys enough for the support, friends and fellow bloggers i connected with and my visitors you guys rock! I’m glad to have you all here it’s really encouraging but i won’t fail to say that indeed it has been a good and not so great experience,

I’ve learnt so much as a newbie blogger and yet to learn quite a great deal, sincerely speaking it’s exhausting and interesting at the same time, doing what you enjoy doing creating content and just writing about the things that interests you and the struggles that comes with starting out blogging,
There is so much technicality attached to blogging that one has to grasp if you want to be noticed on this space and i tell you the whole thing is overwhelming!

I’ll share with you guys what i learnt one year blogging.

Lessons I’ve learnt blogging for a year.


The first thing I’d love to talk about is overcoming the fear of starting a blog, most persons who are interested in starting a blog or YouTube channel or podcast etc are always held back from starting off because they don’t feel ready enough, I’ll tell you one thing, you don’t have to know it all before you start out, well you obviously can’t know it all,

yes make your research, read alot about blogging, starting a youtube channel or podcast before you start out truth is there is a great deal won’t understand until you start, alot of things are better understood in the process So go create That channel, podcast or blog. You’ll get better by the day. You could start out on meduim or Quora Tumblr etc

Another lesson I’ve learnt is that blogging is more than just loving writing or knowing how to write, it has alot of tactics like i said “technicality” par exemple; SEO optimised. Writing, keywords, pictures etc meeting up the quota of a good article, and promoting each post, I’ve come to realise that promoting your blog and post is a key factor in growing your traffic aswell.


Blogging without money is frustrating! Money is key, from promoting your blog on social media platforms to paying a website design to help you set your blog up, to getting a domain name and hosting they all require money, It’s really essential i mentioned but a few but for real it helps reduce the stress and frustration that comes with doing it yourself.


The importance of surrounding yourself with a network of people who have already arrived the destination or are in the process.
blogging I realise how very important it is to connect with fellow bloggers or a community of bloggers in your niche. You learn alot and You learn faster and they help towards motivating you to do better. Thereby contributing to the growth of your blog.

Let’s talk about the struggles because blogging is a handful.

My struggles and how I’ve been coping


Creating content

Content is king like we all know, when you don’t create contents that will keep your visitors coming then it’s a big issue.
planning out how you want to blog in a week or month makes it all easier but often times to create out the body of the article is an issue and sometimes aswell planning it all out doesn’t work a times, the motivation to write goes away, various times i ran out of blogging ideas and i struggled to actually pen down somethings at this point i usually sourced out blogging ideas.


Getting traffic and readers.

This is a major struggle especially when you can’t wrap your head around the process, it can be discouraging when you don’t have visitors, having visitors on your site is a boast of courage morale, knowing that there are people all over the world that connect to your story or are interested in what you have to say is good motivation to keep blogging,

Getting a professional to help out makes everything easier but if you want to do it yourself like i do you’d require a great deal of patience and dedication.

At certain points i lost patience, i was getting tired of the whole thing, i was discouraged because i wasn’t getting a good number of visitors, ignorance they say is costlier than knowledge, when i got good knowledge of what i wasn’t doing right the whole process turned out better.


Moving to WordPress

Like you all know i was blogging on blogger not long ago then moved to WordPress for better blogging moving from WordPress to blogger is not that simple especially when you are doing it yourself i recommend you get a professional.

.Sething the blog up on WordPress is quite demanding, too many informations to digest at once, so many things to put in place, blogger makes it all easy, they already help you set everything but with WordPress you have to do it yourself. It has been a struggle the past few days, I’ll talk about it someday.


Creating Time.

This is a factor that really determines how successful your blog will be, creating time has to do with being consistent as well. You have to create time to plan out your content and how to promote them which is paramount to the growth of your blog, consistency in blogging nothing helps retain your readers but also makes you relevant in the blogosphere.

Happy Blog anniversary Omablanche to us!!💃

I’ll love to hear your thoughts

Which is your favorite blog post and what contents do you want to see often on this blog?
Do you have any interest in starting a blog, podcast or YouTube channel?
What Is holding you back from starting?
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