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My Experience At An Audition

At Gospel Nations Records


My First Singing Audition


The word audition gives shivers down the spine. We are 11 days gone in September 💃 welcome to the new month anyway. The month of August has come to an end, it was an interesting ride through the month. There were ups and downs but we kept going, I did quite several things in August, one of them was that I had my first real experience at an audition. A singing audition.

Having quit one of my part-time jobs I’ve had ample time on my hands, yeah that’s right.
Trying to do one or two things to keep busy and support my only stable Job, I dabbled into crypto trading it’s been revealing guys, still have a lot to learn. multiple streams of income is the goal, Online business seems to take the upper hand.

Now back to the gist. I always check out job adverts on my social media handles and send out applications, I went for few interviews, on a certain day while I was busy going through job adverts on my Facebook handle I saw an opening for an audition.

An audition for instrumentalists, songwriters and vocalists by a gospel record label and yes I’m a vocalist 😊 over time I’ve been desiring to join a music band or choir to train my voice, I came across the advert and applied nonchalantly without even thinking it through.

I forgot totally that I applied for such, worse still groups were created on WhatsApp and I wasn’t online for days. I wasn’t prepared. My voice was already stressed from Sunday’s worship session, I was having a bit of a cracked voice, it worsened by the day.

I think it was on a Thursday, I was called up by one of the officials who informed me that the audition was that same day but at a later hour, I complained about its urgency and how I wasn’t sure I’d make it, he encouraged me to try to be there but I had made up my mind not to go, I mentioned it to my Dad and siblings they encouraged me to go and reminded me I had nothing to lose, I quickly rehearsed two songs, dressed up and left for the audition.

Locating the venue was a challenge not to talk of the traffic that almost frustrated me 😌 I finally got to the venue very late thank God it commenced later because of the rain. While I was still trying to settle in I was called up for my performance.

Surprised, I stood up and walked to the podium, mumbling a silent prayer in my heart I was asked few questions that I fumbled, my song choice was For Your Glory by Tasha Cobbs, now I started well and confident but as I climbed the song I became nervous, my hands were vibrating 😂 damn!

I had to close my eyes not to be discouraged by my fear, I think it was stage fright setting in, I focused on the singing and tried not to fall for my scared hands. When I ended the song all I heard were applause, everyone was wowed, the judges were wowed.

The first judge said: wow, you have an amazing voice and you sang so well and delivered the song. It’s a yes for me

The Second judge! Wow, you have a lovely voice, I could feel the words of the song, you’ll go places if you keep at it. It seems like you haven’t learnt to control the anointing yet. I’ll give you a yes

Me: Thank you, ma I was fidgeting

The third Judge: Wow! I was blown away, goosebumps were all over me. You were just in the spirit and I felt just worshipping. You sound like someone who has a close relationship with God, and you’ve been working on yourself, you’ve trained your voice to a level. I’ll give you a yes

I was so happy! I thanked them all and went back to my seat, other participants were giving me thumbs up, some congratulated me after the event, we took pictures and we said our hellos and hi’s and dispersed.
It was an awesome experience and I was glad I took the decision, turned up for the second round of the audition as an official.
Sometimes you just have to a step to achieve a thing, this is me taking a step. 😁

Have you ever been to an audition? If yes,
What was the experience like?

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