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Poem: Boulevard’s of memories

Handwritings on the walls of nature.

A boulevard of green trees with a person walking downPhoto credit: pexels-trey-musk

Boulevard’s Of Memories.


As i walk down these boulevard’s of memories i see plants, flowers, pathways and buildings but in these hold memories so dear, at every point i halt and with a glimmer of grin spread over my cheeks it all comes back to me like a flood and i begin to relive every one of them, as i go further, like a flashback different scenes play out in my head.

As an onlooker watches events unfold at strategic spots, Like a display of a movie on rewind.

I can’t control my smile, laughter or giggle, people look at me in bewilderment wondering if this one has gone mad.

And all my desire is to dwell in every spot and enjoy the it’s beauty but i’m distracted by another location with another event displayed, and from one point to another my eyes travels as they call out to me then i move to spectate on and listen to the chats, the laughs and actions carried out innocently creating memories and writing stories on the walls of nature.

And i think to myself, it’s more honourable to make good memories and live in the present, than worry about the future. For in the present we build memories that can sustain our future, we build memories we can look onto.

We paint our lives with the colours we choose, we build on our future. As i walk these boulevard’s I’m strengthened by the memories I’ve built, for In it i draw strength to carry on.


Poem by Eke Ihuoma


Eke Ihuoma
the authorEke Ihuoma
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My name is Eke ihuoma I'm a lifestyle blogger, i love writing and sharing my thoughts, my creativity daily experiences and perception of life asides this I'm a linguist by profession, I'm enthusiastic about languages, art, music, nature, photography. I'm a visual artist aswell.

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