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6 Things I’m grateful for in the year 2021

The year 2021

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6 Things I’my grateful for in the year 2021

We all will agree that the year has been tough, especially for Nigerians living in Nigeria with the rate of cost of living it’s been a struggle to survive. The hustle and bustle, the challenges and setbacks are a handful but amidst all without trying to cloud our minds with the errors and challenges, there are quite alot to be grateful for, I mean we are still here .
I have a number of things I’m grateful for in the year and I’d love to share with you guys.

For me the year didn’t so much start on a good note, the whole of January was just something else had no job, finally got one in February and it was a back and forth with Jobs, living at ends meet, often times i was discouraged, frustrated and depressed, few times i cried and worried about how life was going it was really so much to take in. So yes I’ve been there, the year wasn’t all rosy for me until the second half of the year.

I was really motivated and energised to carry on, I was like if we still have six months left I can still achieve some of my goals before the year runs out. If you click here you’ll read the post i made about it. And i did as i suggested in the post, i brought out my written goals reexamined them, reflected on them and started working on the ones i could.

I meant it when i said i was positive about the second half of the year, to me it was more of a second chance and opportunity i could utilize and I’m grateful i did pause and rethink/ replan instead of wallowing in worry.


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Thing’s I’m grateful for in 2021

Firstly I’m grateful for life which to me is most important compared to any challenge or achievements we might be facing or having. Like the popular saying that goes, When There Is Life, There is Hope. Truely speaking it does apply because you’d always have the opportunity to right your wrongs or achieve more. So yea this is a number one for me.

Secondly Good health and Sound Mind, hmm this right here is a big deal, you know one can be alive and not be funtional or useful, let’s say if i had been bedridden all year even the little i could achieve i wouldn’t have been able to do any, Health is wealth indeed people! I had to add sound mind because sanity is another thing that is crucial to being healthy, a sound mind can move forward and thinker out great things, it’s a gift really, good health and sound mind one that only God gives and I’m deeply grateful for that. 🙏


I’mĀ also grateful for friends and family who’ve helped push me in one way or the order to become a better version of myself, the solid support and boast of encouragement at every point in time and even creating opportunities and avenues for me you know. It’s been amazing. A big support system. Association is key in a mans/womans life because these are the people that build you and influence your life.

That i could finally achieve some of my goals, I’m really really grateful for that, I’ll share another blog post elaborating on this. If anyone had told me that this year 2021 would turn out to be an amazing year! It would’ve been hard to believe. Indeed the expectations of the righteous are not cut off.


To be able to be exposed to the level of knowledge I’ve gathered this year is just awesome, spiritually, academically, financially relationship wise and the rest, it’s just discoveries upon discoveries and learning, unlearning irrelevant things.


and lastly I’m grateful to God for every single thing now i understand clearly why things happened the way they deed, this year my spiritual growth has been on a different level, I’m grateful for that as much as I’m happy about that. God guided my footsteps all through the year, it was divinely orchestrated.

Merry Christmas and Happy holiday’s guys.😍🎄🎊🎁🎉

I’d like to hear your story, share your thoughts in the comment section.

What are you grateful for in this year 2021?
Was it a bad year or a good year for you?
Who’s that friend that has been a great support to you this year? You can call them out and make them feel special.


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