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A review on 2021 goals- Lessons Learned.

2021 My year of adulting.

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The year looks like it fled quickly even though it felt like it was crawling
In my last blog post, I mentioned that I was going to share with you guys a brief run-through on goals achieved last year so far but I guess the whole celebration got me occupied and now we are here.

I made a post earlier last year on 5 things i want to achieve this year  which was not all the goals I had planned out for the year but just a few I wanted to share with you guys. And it was generally about changing old habits, I must say writing goals and living up to them are two different things you just have to be ready to make the sacrifices and I did my best.

A major old habit I intentionally worked on was starting my day on time, so even when I sleep in late I was up by 5 am each day except for days I had a lot of free time. I set an alarm that rang every morning by 5 am I mean guys 😅 I always set alarms and reminders they could ring a thousand times and I’d just press the snooze button, at first it wasn’t easy but as I said, I was intentional about it, I literally forced myself up from day to day until I become accustomed to it, every morning it rang I just woke up and began my day with time it became an involuntary action without the alarm ringing I’d wake up check the time and it would be about 4 am or 5 am each day it was a progressive journey now it has become a habit. 😊

It gives me ample time to plan my day and begin the day on time I’m glad I did conquer this habit I know it’s not 100% but it’s 95% 5% for days I sleep in really late or at weekends the body needs rest too.

First things first doing this review I tried not to beat myself up because It’s more important to keep working towards growth and it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to achieve all goals though we should anyway, some have to be formed as habits which takes time to unlearn or some others that require time and more planning to be effective. what’s most important is that we keep working towards becoming better people.


A diary showing 2021 goals.
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Here is a review of a few goals I made in 2021.


The first on the list was getting a stable Job,
If you are a regular visitor on this space you’d know that since after my service year in 2020 I’ve been seriously Job hunting, I talked about it here. honestly speaking in 2021 I was determined, it was challenging, frustrating and tiring and I didn’t just get a job, I got jobs, went on interviews, got teaching jobs as a part-time language tutor in schools it was stressful in its way but more than just that I wanted a stable job and I did miraculously get a new job towards the ending of the year, the second half of the year the second half of the year was indeed a new phase for me, I believe I achieved more in the second half of the year.

Guess what guys! I did move out!
it’s amazing how things fall into place when you plan, conceive it and envision it, it has a way of bringing it into reality.

The next on the list was blogging and improving the blog, with all sincerity it was a real struggle I think being preoccupied with work made me slack in being consistent here creating enough content, there wasn’t always enough time, most times I was out of contents to create, I couldn’t settle down to draft out contents but looking back now I see that I was just making excuses, 🤦 I plan to turn a new leaf, but I did achieve something concerning blogging you know if you’ve been following from the onset you’d see that I moved the blog from blogger to WordPress.

That’s huge! It’s been challenging and I hope to share the experience soon. So yes! I got a domain name and moved to a hosting site though not fully paid for we are making progress that’s what’s most important. I guess the blog is looking pretty much better…

And I also took a bold step by getting a good laptop for better blogging and I had other major reasons as well but who doesn’t need one at this age 🤗🤷, I got a Lenovo Thinkpad L420 which has great specifications that meets up my needed features This has been on my list of goals to achieve for a few years now it’s a big deal for me and trust that I’d put it to good use till I can get a more sophisticated one.

I also travelled quite a distance to collect a document I had been planning to collect for years now which took me to Lagos, indeed Lagos is a beautiful city with all of its craziness.

I did a few artworks but not as I planned wasn’t able to attend any art exhibitions but definitely doing that this year. Though I searched out for some galleries plan to visit some soon. I’ll keep you guys updated.

I made a few song video covers and did make guitar videos but not covers.
Read a few books but didn’t sustain reading two a month

Here are few lessons learnt in 2021 maybe you can relate to them. 2021 was a process of adulting for me in alot of areas in my life most especially financially and spiritually.


A diary and pictures
Photo by pexels-charan-sai

lessons learnt in 2021 I think you could learn from.


Nothing ever comes your way by luck.

When you conceive a thing it comes to you
You don’t need to solicit attention, value draws people to you so focus on personal development.

It’s not enough to write goals, create workable plans to achieve them.

Adulting requires you to be strong even when you are tired.

Financial freedom is key, getting a job is overrated.
You are your most prized treasure, be kind to yourself.

Taking your spiritual life seriously makes living easier.

2021 was a struggle between being disciplined enough to work towards achieving each written down goal daily.
It required the willingness to go throw the stress in achieving them, the year indeed was a period of learning maybe for you too.

You may not achieve all at once well that’s why you are meant to draft out goals you’d achieve in a year from your long-term goals or short term goals and then work towards them. Don’t let anyone talk you out of writing goals and planning. 2021 in general was a good year despite the hardship we are hoping for a better 2022.

Welcome to the new year!
Happy new year guys


What’s your take on 2021? How would you rate the year?
Why do you rate it so? Share your experience.
Tell us what content you would like to see this new year.

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