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The story behind the drawing: Happy Child

Drawing Of A Happy Child

A drawing of a happy childOma'sart

 Drawing The face Of A Happy Child

I started this drawing last year and was able to finish 3 days into the new year, i stopped every other drawing in a bid to finish this drawing and it took quite long to finish it. I want to share with you guys the story behind the drawing: Happy Child.

This is a graphite drawing of a happy child’s face.

There were tough times in 2021, sometimes it was depressing and frustrating i was in that mix, a point when it seemed nothing was really moving, i was tired of the normal, it was boring and tiring, running in-between jobs that weren’t really the best, adulting is quite hard i must say then i came accross a random picture from a poetic group i belonged to on one of my social media platforms. It’s beauty stroke me the smile, innocency in it, the joy that exhumed on the face of this child, those tacky teeth and wide green brought some peace to my soul, i smiled in return, it made me smile all the time because in a way it freed the child in me.

Sometimes i think of myself as the adult that will forever be a child. There’s alot we miss out on when we stop thinking like a child, adulting is a handful on it’s own, the childishness is often a way of escape from the whole chaos and problems. Children are happy 90% of the time regardless of the situation. Sometimes we need to borrow their lifestyle as an adult.

So i indulge you to be like The Happy Child finding Joy in pain, searching for happiness were ever you can find it, being selfish about your happiness.
Be kind to yourself and be patient it may take time but things will eventually turn out better.


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