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Preparing for the year- New year resolutions 2022

Things to do to achieve goals in 2022, goals, habits and plans.

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Things to do to achieve goals in 2022, goals, habits and plans.



So it’s been 3 weeks and 4 days into the new year already, have you made your new year resolutions 2022? The year has long started for some and for others it’s yet to start. Preparing for the new year is something i take seriously and yes it’s still new. Some persons always say new year resolutions are a waste of time and don’t change nothing but it’s been working a great deal for me.


Starting the new year which is like a journey or a new chapter, one has to draft out plans and workable blue prints if you actually want to make  a thing out of the year. One of the worst things you can do is not plan, some persons started planning for 2022 before 2021 even came to an end.

It’s not too late to make a plan for the new year we still have 11 months 6 days to go. You can go back to your drawing board and if you’ve started working towards your goals and you are slacking behind you can also go replan.


In preparing for the new year there are goals that need planning on how to achieve them, there are  habits that need changing to push forward or habits that need emulating, I’ve learnt so far that more than just making plans and writing out goals there has to be a deliberate effort to put them into action, you have to be intentional about growth.


Things not to do to achieve goals in 2022. 


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There are things to do and not to do to have a successful year.


Making resolution without putting in work

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts here on how people no longer believe in making new year resolutions. Their belief is very much justified because most times what people write down are wishes or resolutions they are not willing to work on. And in the course of adulting I’ve come to understand that yes writing new year resolutions and making goals are very important there is more to saying or writing them down.


There has to be a conscious effort of making sure these goals and resolutions can be actualised. So one of the things you should not do this year is writing down your goals or resolutions withing actually putting in daily, weekly and monthly effort to get there. It’s dangerous to make plans and resolutions without bringing them to reality.



Bad habits

We all have bad habits we really desire to stop, every habit that affects your growth negatively or every habit that draws you away from achieving your goals needs to stop.

Just like i mentioned here habits are not changed overnight it takes discipline to achieve it, there certain habits that need to change for you to achieve certain things



For me procrastination is a major habit I’ll work on since I’ve conquered that habit of waking up late. I think for a lot of young people this is a major bad habit. Staying clear of procrastination helps you grasp opportunities when they come.


Abandoning emulated habits

As we learn new things and unlearn old ones we should  make them a habit and lifestyle then it’ll stick to you.  We add more value to ourselves


Things to do to achieve your goals in 2022


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Self discipline

Self discipline is the key to achieving most things, no matter how your determination is if you cannot discipline yourself you won’t be able to carry out the plans and habits you want to change be disciplined with whatever it is you are doing and watch yourself achieve results.



Determination and resilience also tell how far you will go and how far you are willing to go. So even when you break the routine, even when you don’t feel like doing it be determined to win procrastination or laziness


Emulating new lifestyle

Like i mentioned earlier, the good habits you’ve built make it a lifestyle and it’ll go a long way in helping you become better. Continue with good habits learnt in 2021


 Be deliberate and intentional about growth

Apart from being determined and resilient be deliberate and intentional about, consciously and unconsciously do the things that will bring you closer to your goals


Setting priorities

Setting our priorities right is also as important as setting goals, when you prioritise your goals we you tend to achieve more, doing what is urgent and necessary to get you closer to your long term goals.


Planning out how to achieve goals

Left this for last because all these things mentioned above will not yield much if you don’t first of all have a plan and thinker out how to achieve these plans. Planning out how to achieve goals is just little  little daily, weekly or monthly actions that helps us come closer to achieving our goals maybe taking up certain courses, doing something daily.



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