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2022 Poem || Never-Ending Pain

A frog in Never-Ending Pain

Never-Ending Pain



_The pains that i feel is none that man can remedy,_

_It hurts so bad that i can feel my skin peel at the flash of every moment,_

_Like a wound that will forever bleed,_

_Streamlets of freshly gushed blood keeps finding it’s way down my spine,_

_It forms trickles of tiny rivers of blood_

_Intertwining from my head down to my feet._

_From time to time i feel a jab on my heart,_

_MAN! What a world you have caused it’s creature to cringe at the sight of you,_

_For His mercy, He would not wipe you out from the face of the earth._

_I feel a never-ending pain, that none can remedy,_

_I wish you could feel the pangs too._



Eke Ihuoma
the authorEke Ihuoma
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My name is Eke ihuoma I'm a lifestyle blogger, i love writing and sharing my thoughts, my creativity daily experiences and perception of life asides this I'm a linguist by profession, I'm enthusiastic about languages, art, music, nature, photography. I'm a visual artist aswell.

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