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8 Tips on How to gain financial freedom: getting a job is overrated

Financial freedom is key, getting a job is overrated

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Financial freedom is key, getting a job is overrated

Financial freedom is a thing everyone clamors for and most people work towards in the right or wrong way. In this blog post I’ll share with you
8 Tips on how to gain finacial freedom.

Most of these tips are things I’ve realised about finance and I’ve come to the conclusion that getting a job is really overrated, yes it’s important to get a job, it’s more like a starting point or a ladder to raising capital for whatever you want to do.
Depending on salary earning can be likened to eating from hand to mouth. It’s like regulated and rationed money that is always never enough.

The general ideology of go to school get good grades and get a good job doesn’t actually guarantee financial freedom. Not minding how important they are, they actually cannot be overlooked, but speaking from a society like Nigeria where employment is not at the hearts of the leaders and graduates was away their talents and good grades doing manual Jobs


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I’ve been working over a year now , I’ve shared with you guys my job hunting experience. From my personal work experience I’ve come to see that having a job is overrated and financial freedom is actually something you work towards without necessarily depending on a 30 day pay roll.

Like i said earlier on, it’s actually a point one begins to amass wealth.

I made this post thinking beside just getting a good job or job hunting for one what we should really work towards gaining financial freedom in place of financial stability, not disregarding the fact that some person’s job are their passion but even to fuel one’s passion one needs financial assistance.

Over this few periods reading some money and finance related books I’ve picked a thing or two concret lessons about money, here are 8 Tips on how to get financial freedom.

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How to gain finacial freedom


Learn about money


This is where to start.

We overlook this fact, in every other thing we want to indulge in we learn or study the basics but we generally forget finance is actually a subject one should study to be successful at it.
Knowledge is gold. When you have a better understanding of what you are doing or going into you get good at it so it is with money, there are laws and principles guarding it that you have to learn. How to make money, keep money and multiply money. So gaining adequate knowledge about money and finance cannot be over emphasized. Get books if you can, watch videos, listen to podcasts or listen to the richest men and also ask questions about money.


Start with getting a 9-5

Most people never start businesses because there’s no capital to start the business, which i think is a common problem but I’ve come to understand that getting yourself a 9-5 Job or a Job (it doesn’t have to be a 9-5 ) will help you save up or gather the money you need to run that business waiting for someone to get you the capital is not an ideal thing to do. If you have a skill too that can earn you enough money you may not necessarily need a Job just focus on that and grow in it.


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Save: The concept of saving

Saving works hand in hand with discipline, without discipline you can’t really save, there will always be one need that will arise. Saving for me has shifted from the good old saving” or just keeping money somewhere, except you have so much already or you have a project you are planning towards money should not just lie whiling away in your account it should be put to use which brings me to my next point.



Our concept of saving really needs to shift to investing the money we’ve saved or putting it to work. This is actually a major key to financial freedom. When you invest your money it multiplies therefore you gain profit, redo the process and your money bag grows. Thereby making you have multiple streams of income, guys this right here is a major in achieving financial freedom. Be it assets or businesses, yourself even by extra skills that add money to your pocket or whatsover so invest invest invest.


Make money work for you

I already gave this away in one of the sections, it feels good to know that even while you sleep you keep getting credit alerts into your account.
That money you save, invest it, get profit and reinvest, making money work for you is the whole magic behind financial freedom, in doing so there’s a continuous flow of income.


Learn skills

Learning skills not only makes you able to do a whole number of things but also makes you a person of value, it adds to your various sources of income, you can have passive incomes that keep bringing in returns, learning a skill is daunting but it really pays.

I had to add this

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Gather assets reduce laibilities

Okay, well if you are more conscious of investing your savings gathering assets will be easier, purchasing things that can appreciate in value or always give you returns. An asset is anything that gives you money and a liability is anything that takes money from you.

In Rich Dad poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki this really stuck to me liabilities only help you spend the money it doesn’t multiply it thereby there’s no increase in earning which won’t help you achieve the financial freedom you want.


Live within your means.

Hmmm i think living within our means is something that is difficult for us to do that’s a major reason why we discipline ourselves and manage our funds. Living within your means literally means being able to live well with the amount we earn and not having to borrow etc.

This actually revovles around planning and making a scale preference, instead of getting all the things you don’t need and the things you want, solve the most urgent And most important needs and in time you get solve a lot of your needs and wants. It’s also in tune with learning how not to buy on impulse, this helps you to leave within your earnings cutting out things that dry out our purse.

A major lesson i learn from reading The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clarkson someday I’ll share the lessons from reading this book.

If you really want to have financial freedom not a stable income, Jobs won’t do that for you, more than getting a job, add to yourself various means of income and learn skills that can give you passive income, invest your money and don’t just save away in the bank and all the tips I’ve shared so far.


Let us know your thoughts on finance:


What’s your concept of financial freedom?
What’s your experience with financial growth?
Do you think getting a Job gives financial freedom?

Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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