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Poem 2022: Wounded Soldier

Wounded Soldier With A Punctured Heart

Wounded hand of a wounded soldierPhoto from Pexels

Wounded Soldier  With A Punctured Heart.


I’m a wounded soldier with a punctured heart.

Yes, you can never tell because I tend to cover it up well but it hurts.

I live every day fighting the battle’s of life

It’s not like you think, I come from a dark place.

I’ve been drowning for so long, never could see the light.

I’m a wounded soldier with a wounded heart.

I tell the tales of my sojourning here on earth,

Full of misery and pain, anger and hate.

Often times i wonder why I was called to servitude,

In a dark world that is only but negligent,

For a long while I’ve treaked the hard soil of solitude,

Almost loosing my mind to depression and bitterness.

A happy child I was, so divinely embellished.

I bore so much love,

But then the world showed it needed not the gifts I bear.

I longed to be taken from it for it appreciated not my presence.

And for every child that was brought into this world i thought of the sorrows ahead.

A world not worthy of the love I profess

I’m a broken piece, I tried to mend my shattered parts

But it doesn’t seem to fit.

I’m a wounded soldier with a lot of scars.

As they say, to err is human to forgive is divine

I am divine, I have forgiven but I can never forget.

For everytime I hear a ballad a thousand scars go sore

For everytime humanity is ignored I feel it even more

For everytime I hear a cry for help neglected I’m taken aback

I want to forget but i can’t, like a bag of stones tied around my neck

I struggle up the ladder in pain and sorrow

in them i find strength

For upon them I fed off a long time ago

I’m a wounded soldier with a punctured heart,

I’ll forever bear these scars.


By Eke Ihuoma




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