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International World Poetry Day 2022: Taste of Love

World Poetry Day 2022

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I have a bleeding pen but I don’t know why.
Can’t say if I’m happy or sad.

Maybe it’s the taste of love, maybe it’s the piercing arrow of the cupid,

I want to get out of this euphoria but i keep second guessing,

Maybe it’s because all of a sudden you’ve made me feel vulnerable,

Wait! I’ll tell you about the taste of love,

The peace that it brings and the freedom that comes afterwards,

Maybe it’s because I’ve never been free,

Free from my fears or free from my tears

How could love feel so sweet?

Oh! I know what you are thinking,
You think that all of a sudden a man has swept me off my feet.

Not at all, when love comes from where you least expect it,

It’s so pure and natural that you wouldn’t want it to stop.

I have a bleeding pen but i can’t say why.

Maybe it’s because I’ve never been free

Maybe it’s because I’ve never been this vulnerable.

Then you touched a part of me that has yearned for freedom

A taste of love so pure, raw and uncut.

It feels like a delimma, like a drowning fish in water.

Why did I have to meet you?

Why did you have to unlock a closed door

I have a bleeding pen maybe because I yearn for more.

But then, you showed me what love is.

It tasted differently.


Poem by Eke Ihuoma


Happy¬† International World Poetry Day 2022!! ❤️❤️

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