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Why you struggle with achieving your goals: How you can achieve them.

Struggling with goals? Here's how to achieve them

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Struggling with goals? Here is why.


We all have dreams and plans of who we want to become and what we want to do or achieve. most people write down these goals some others don’t either way we all work towards achieving but most of the time these goals, habits, levels we want to achieve we struggle to reach or achieve them. in this post I’ll share with you guys why you struggle with achieving your goals.


1. Lack of self-discipline:

No matter how much you’ve heard this word or how much you think it matters or doesn’t matter discipline is the major way to achieve anything most especially goals. Your lack of self-discipline is the numero uno reason why you struggle with achieving your goals, the reason why you haven’t achieved much so far is because you have not disciplined yourself enough. Do you have big plans? if yes then more discipline is required. nothing good comes easy because a lot of work or time has to be out in other to achieve a cause and that’s how it works with goals and anything we do basically.

 Lack of discipline births excuses and procrastination. all this while you’ve been struggling with disciplining yourself but if you really want to move forward and achieve your goals for the year, month or season you have to put in more effort. discipline is simply sticking with the plan no matter what.

“There are a thousand excuses for failure but never a good reason”  MARK TWAIN

Self-discipline is doing what you must have, to resist the lure of excuses. This I have had to learn the hard way so far in trying to achieve my goals for the year. you tell yourself you are putting it off to a later time or that there’s no means to do it right now, blaming someone for making you not do it or one thing or the other.

The moment you come to the point of realization that if you ever want to achieve anything you want its your responsibility to achieve it and no one else’s, that if it has to be its up to me, no matter what challenge, situation, excuses, you’ll find a way around it to do the needful, you’d take actions that will help you stay on track. one thing about self-discipline is paying the price to do what you need to do and never give up and trust me that goal will be achievable. when you take up your level of discipline and focus on maintaining it you’ll achieve half your goals or whatever thing so be it. A quote I so much like by Elbert Hubbard

“Self-discipline is the ability to do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not” So start with self- discipline today, stop making excuses and you’ll no longer more struggle.


1. Not doing what is essential and important:

one of the reasons you struggle with achieving your goals is this, as humans we naturally want the easy way out, we prefer to start with the simplest of things and this is a militating factor on how much we can do or attain. my advice for you today is to do the things that are most essential that will bring you closer to achieving your goal as you try to achieve your goal daily. Start with the most important, do what is hard and necessary to achieve real success. make time for what is essential in that way you are closer to achieving your goals.


3.The goal might be a big chunk, break it down:

It’s good to set goals but it’s also important to decipher if a goal requires more time, resources or level to achieve, some other times it can be that we write down wishes and not concrete goals. So, take a look at that particular goal or goals you’ve set that seem so hard or impossible to achieve and make a plan on how to achieve it. breaking it down to daily, weekly or monthly short-term goals helps you arrive at a faster result, for me this has done the trick working towards my goals daily has made me more efficient in achieving them. As they say the process is what’s most important not the destination. it makes you and helps you form a habit. plan daily weekly or monthly how you intend to achieve that goal or what actions and activities will help you achieve it. Break your goals into short term goals.


4. Inconsistency:

This had to follow suit, consistency is such a hard character trait like discipline to maintain, your level of consistency also determines how committed you are to achieving your goals. Inconsistency is something we generally face, and I’ve come to find out that consistency is not a very common thing for we humans but guess what? every high class, rich and successful person have mastered this trait. Now consistency is so strange and difficult for the average human to maintain it is something out of our character and it takes deliberate intentional effort to build and if achieving your goal is a priority, you have to go out of your character, you have to become a different person and do things you usually don’t do. being consistent is the fuel of success, to follow through with the laid down plans you have made to achieve your goals you have to be consistent. it is your commitment to the process that brings results.

 Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other. Abraham Lincoln


How you can achieve them.



1. Create a system around your goals-

 Identify what is essential and create a system around it!

Creating a system that works for you cannot be over emphasized creating a system around the goals you want to achieve helps you see it as a journey or process rather than a height or peak of success to attain in my last post HERE I talked about this. Instead of just working at a goal like, arrange my room every day, you can create a system around it that helps you achieve the goal, for ex. Always prepare my bed when I get up each morning or when I get back from work put dirty clothes, shoes and bags where they should be etc. and it goes on, it helps you become more organized and achieve the goal of keeping your room arranged faster, with time you realize that you’ve built habits or systems that help make your room always tidy and arranged. In this way for any other goal you want to achieve, create systems around it and you’ll achieve your goals faster.

you don’t rise to your goals you rise to the level of your systems.


2. Accountability:

Accountability is something I’ve come to accept its undeniable importance in my journey of growth. Most times its not that we are not determined to achieve a lot of things draw us back or away, then comes inadmissible importance of putting checks. Knowing that you have someone to report back to or knowing that the people around you are expecting you to achieve your goals makes you work harder towards achieving them. Being accountable is so important, it can be between you and a few goal oriented friends, your siblings or mentor if you have one, having friends that will always check up on you asking you about how far you’ve achieved a goal gives you more motivation and stamina to keep doing.


3. Focus more on daily or weekly process not the goal itself:

I already gave this away in the second point on why you struggle with achieving your goals.  This is more like working steadily and gradually around a goal to achieve it, just like the sport of running, these athletes keep running around the track till they get to the finish line, they can’t just jump from the start to finish or walk through the middle of the track to get to the finish line. Working at a goal daily has proved more effective. So, focus more on daily and weekly process whether long-term or short term. No matter how big the goals is

Achieving every milestone helps you get a step closer to the big goal. Make a list of the most important things and attach time and days to it. Always keep your big goal in focus constantly reminding yourself the goal or aim you have in mind.


4.Track your progress:

keeping track of yourself is an energy and confidence booster. It helps you know how far you have achieved and be sure you are making progress and as well how far you have failed. Keeping track of your progress helps you better restructure your plan or what you can do better in getting to that goal. It helps you know how much you’ve lacked behind and the thing you were doing wrong. You’d be able to examine yourself so far and either give yourself a pat on the back or brace yourself up to put in more work, discipline, consistency, commitment and so on. It helps you curb your time or manage your time and days better.

I’d love to end with this quote.

There can be no great courage where there is no confidence or assurance, and half the battle is in the conviction that we can do what we undertake. Orison Swett Marden

Quit procrastinating quit giving excuses, you can do it! and its achievable!

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