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Happy bloggers day|| How to create a blog on blogger

How to create a blog on blogger

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Happy bloggers day!! 4 things I am grateful for


Happy bloggers day last week friday was the celebration of blogger which is a free online platform where people share their creativity in writing, it’s like a diary space, where people explore their writing skills and make money doing what they love. I’ve been privileged to be blogging this long and I can say consistency matters alot when it comes to blogging.

I started with blogger before I moved to WordPress. Here’s my first post on blogger. Blogger is a good platform for beginners and people like me who love writing and want to be visible in the world at large but are not tech savy. Blogger is also free for those who can’t afford to pay for a hosting site or domain name. Blogger simplifies everything about blogging which is the major reason why alot of newbies to blogging are advised to start with blogger in order not to waste money and time.

My experience blogging in blogger I’d say was a very good experience, because it helps you do the root work and sets everything in place which kept me motivated to keep learning and doing more, unlike in WordPress where you have to do everything yourself to make sure your posts are visible and are ranking. You have to do the hardwork. 😌 But with blogger I just had to focus on my research and write good contents as often as I could. Blogger is way easier.


The Challenges of blogging on blogger


The major challenge when it comes to my blogging experience so far is
1. In blogger you are restricted to very little themes, there are great themes but in WordPress where you can download and use themes you like actually makes a difference and aswell makes your blog look more mature.

2. the always reminds you that it’s a free blog and it’s not really your own. It makes your URL a bit longer which is not much of a big deal but then the announces that your blog is running on a free platform and it does not belong to you, google doesn’t authenticate ownership to you.

3. People in the blogging community won’t take you seriously they’ll regard you as one who doesn’t really know or understand what it means to blog or be in the blogging industry. You’ll always be regarded as a newbie in blogging though it doesn’t mean so.

4. Restricts certain things you can do on your blog


What I Am Grateful For

1. That I started this space: there’s no joy like doing what you enjoy, for me writing is a skill i enjoy doing, the main purpose of creating a blog is to express your views and perspective on things, or to give out value that the world needs or depends on.

2. No matter how it has been i’m still standing
Consistency i’ve come to see is linked to growth in every aspect, no matter how unstable i’ve been here

3. Having you guys around
Having visitors like you reading my content from different parts of the globe really amazes me and makes me feel valuable and important 😊 I don’t have a truck load of traffic but I’m so grateful to have the ones I do.
Keeps me motivated to keep giving out content and being of help to as many persons as I can reach globally. You are one of the things I’m grateful for 😊❤️

4. Still blogging : The fact that I am blogging or still blogging is thanks to blogger and going all out to create that blog. In my first blog post I mentioned how I created the blog on the 10th of August and it took me 2 days to post the blog post I had made like weeks ago, I had the time, I had a post to post but I was scared. Scared of what might be and if I can actually live up to this new journey I was about to embark on.

How to create a blog on blogger

Its very easy to create a blog on blogger,
The only requirement in creating a blog on blogger is to get an email

Step 1:

Go to
Sign up on blogger

Enter your Google email and password and sign up confirm by clicking continue to blogger
The home page will open

Step 2

click create a new blog

Step 3:

type in the name of your blog,

Step 4:

now write your chosen address related to your tittle, check if it’s available
Click save and you are good to go.

A quick reminder that it does’nt end at creating a blog, you have to understand what blogging is about and how it functions with the determination to succeed in blogging.

I wish you a wonderful blogging experience


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