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7 Ways to handle change from the book Who moved my cheese!

How to handle change

A lady at the ocean looking to change

Lessons  from the book who moved my cheese.



Who moved my cheese is a book about the story of 4 characters written by Dr Spencer Johnson with amazing ways on how to deal with change in our lives, careers, relationship etc.

The characters are Sniff, always ready to sniff out change.
Scurry who scurries in action and ready to move.
Hem who denies and refuses to accept change and move out of their comfort zone

and Ham who accepts change when he sees changing can lead to something better.

Like the saying change is constant that we usually hear or say, truly is in every area of our lives but generally we are blindfolded to this change and adapting to it.
Change is one of the hardest things to do, believe or accept why because most of us are used to the system and patterns that we run so we are scared of what this new order might bring, if we can cope, if it is worth it, change is actually a risk and can be heeded in a negative or postive way.

Quote on fear change


What you are afraid of is never as bad as what you imagine.
The fear you let build up in your mind is
worse than the situation that actually exists.

This is a militating factor when it comes to change because our minds are already in doubt or in fear that we aren’t able to analyse properly and see what the new order is trying to offer. Like Hem in the story who refused to believe that any place or cheese can be better than that of cheese station C

This is the second time I’m reading this book by Dr spencer and somehow I’ve been faced with change and like Hem I didn’t notice. I believe the story in this book helps equip us on the subject change.


7 Ways to handle change


Photo written change



1. Change happens

This is the number one lesson the author was trying to tell us firstly to be aware that change happens and is a constant process. When we acknowledge that change is inevitable and will always meet us at different phases of our lives. It better prepares us to handle change when it comes because it will no more look strange to us.


2. Anticipate change

Always expect change, with this mindset you won’t be caught off guard when it comes and you’ll find it easier to absorb the new patterns or order of things in whatever thing in our lives that needs changing. Get ready for change to happen.


3. Monitor change

Often times situations or actions giveaway what’s yet to come and it is very important that at all times we watch the signs, we question everything, we observe and ask ourselves certain questions in doing so we monitor the change that is coming and we get to know when to run into action or how far or close change will happen. In the book it says, smell the cheese often so you’ll know when it’s getting old.


4. Adapt to change quickly

Among the steps listed here this is the toughest to do, most especially when we are like Hem that refuse to accept change because our fears are more than the actual change or because of our level of uncertainty of things happening around us but when the 3 steps mentioned above are judiciously taken into cognisance adapting to change will be much more easier, like it was for the characters sniff and scurry they new change had to happen they accepted it and adapted to it, then moved with the change and they were way better off.

Light saying time for change


“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” Jim Rohn


5. Change


When change happens we should move with the train and actually change which is the whole aim of the change, if we can accept it and adapt to it then we ought move past it learn the lessons and patterns in whatever it is we are changing from the whole process.


6. Enjoy change

If we have come to terms with the situations that require change in our lives and we truely accept it because that’s the only needed option left then we should aswell begin to enjoy this new life, job, career dream, relationship, marriage and whatsoever thing or place we are desiring. Savour the opportunity presenting itself and enjoy the adventure, the whole process of learning, adapting and adjusting having a positive mindset towards the new life we are experiencing is to become the best we could ever be.


7. Be ready to change quickly And enjoy it again and again


I know this sounds almost as harsh as it sounds to me, not forgetting that change is constant and in life we grow to different phases which about change knowing this prrpares our mimds to accept change every single time it occurs. we have to be ready at every moment to change again. It’s this mindset that helps us see change quickly, adapt and move onto the next phase.

Never forget that life is like a maze and we are like these characters running in and out of it trying to make a better life for ourselves chasing different dreams and aspirations. The cheese is always moving so we have to move with it. No wonder they say that success is not a destination it is a journey zig ziglar.

Thanks for reading.

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What thing are you finding hard to change?
Has change ever taken you unawares?
Have you ever been like Hem?

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