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2022 In Retrospect

Review on the year 2022

A Review on the year 2022


Every year comes with it’s lessons, space for growth and total transformation. It can be dependent on how we see the happenings around us or notice these gateways and imbibing the new habits and the change that it comes with. Every year’s ending should come with a review of how you lived the year, how much you have achieved, how much you failed, where to work and improve and so on and so forth, it should be a time of retrospection, taking notes on our errors and improving on them, celebrating our small wins and planning better for the year ahead.

Over the years I’ve learnt not just to make new year resolutions every new year but to plan in decades and work towards these goals every new year. So not disgrading the fact that we have to revisit those resolutions and make smarter more realistic ones for the new year.

The year 2022 came with its ups and downs alot of lessons learnt, tried out a couple of things, some where productive others weren’t, I dabbled into Graphics designing, copywriting, amazon kdp, Forex trading etc. In all I made little accomplishments and I’m grateful.


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5 Things I’m grateful for in the year 2023

1. Graphics design: I enrolled for a graphics design class at the beginning of the year, it was tough to follow through, I didn’t even successfully finish the course but it was worth more than what I paid for. Not only did I learn so much, I’m also impressed at my level of growth in designing flyers especially.

2. Created a language school: I finally figured what more I can create for myself to gain more income So I created OMLS where language teachers can benefit off each other and also render good services.

3. Cultivated a reading habit :My reading goal for the year was 20 books but I was able to read 10 books 🤦 not much I know, but it’s my highest. In 2023 I have a better plan on how to read better.

4. Finish the whole of New testaments yes reading the bible was one of my major goal and I’m glad I achieved it. It has been expository.

5. Improved on the guitar: If you remember in a post I made here about getting a guitar, it’s been a struggle trying to learn, in 2022 I made so much improvement and even played in church. Amongst all I’m grateful to be alive, My guess is every Nigerian is because the economy and government was life threatening, the masses in general suffered hardship a great deal, alot of Nigerians even left the country but in all we still have life to hope for a better tomorrow.

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5 Lessons I learnt in the year 2022

1. Failure
The year 2022 thought me that failure is just an event that happens and we should Overcome it’s pain and disappointments and move forward, that you are failing at something does not mean you are a failure. Mistakes and Failures are just a by product of success, one can never truly say they are successful without counting the times they failed at trying.

2. Shame and regret: with failure comes shame and regret on reasons as to why we shouldn’t have taken the action we took or why we weren’t as informed as we should be. I learnt to live above the feelings of shame and regret, it’s a feeling that is hard to push because almost 100% of the time our minds run in the negative, I’ve learnt to push away those negative thoughts and try to be as positive as possible or rather focus on solutions.

3. Surrounding yourself with people of influence, those higher in their achievement, Role models, mentors etc
The continued exposure to a person’s expression of his or her gift quickens your own unique expression of that same gift.
In 2022 I got to meet great people, those who have already arrived the heights I dream of and it’s inspiring because it encourages you
to keep striving to be better.

4. Plans don’t -always work out so we should not wallow in self pity, discouragement or frustration, we have to scrutinize why it didn’t work and replan our next move.

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What are you grateful for in the year 2022?
What lessons can draw out from the year?
What things do you think you can do better?


Welcome to 2023🎇🎊

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