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Glitters on water// 2023 Poem.

A poem- Golden Glitters on water

Glitters on water with a man in a canoeFrom pexels by Alexandre-saraiva-carniato-

Glitters on water



Glitters on water shimmering like a burning fire.

As I tow my canoe in admiration
And the waves direct me to my course

I look upon the waters and behold a channel of life.

Washing and splashing as it passes me by.

Glitters on water shimmering like a burning fire.

With the shadow of the sun and a mirror of the heavens.

I look down to see the beauty above
So that the sun may not blind me with it’s unforgiving rays.

Till the cloud covers the sun and I’m shielded from it’s heat.

Out comes the sun!

Upon the verge where the heavens and the waters commute,

A golden thin line

I see glitters on water shimmering like the stars.



Poem by Eke Ihuoma

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