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World poetry day 2023|| Fog Mist and Water

World Poetry Day 2023

World poetry day.Acrylic painting by David Troche

Fog, Mist, Water and Wind


In the twilight of the morning just when the sky become pale blue

Standing on my balcony, sulking in the fresh breeze patting my cheeks, eyes closed, lifting my body half way into the sky, with a plaster of a contented smile, and the chipping of birds.

I breathe in the air and it tastes like a newness of life.
And I whisper to myself, it’s a beautiful morning, a new day.
I give a twirl, hands stretched out off I go.

Good morning.




Poetry is an expression of words, not just words, characters, and symbol, words that cut through with a deeper meaning. It’s like a hidden treasure to be found, a puzzle waiting to be unraveled.

Poetry has no rules, words are used to describe the unthinkable. with poetry I can explicitly express my intentions and feelings without having to write a prologue.

Poetry is the representation of thoughts, feelings, emotions, concerns, life, beauty and music

Poetry is my safe place full of internal joy that none can understand. With poetry you can be free, careless, untouched.
With each line breaking the walls in our hearts and mind.

Poetry is the wise mans way of speaking.

Poetry is like a knife that pieces the skin.

Happy world poetry day.

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