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2023 The first half of the year// before June gets old.

2023 TheĀ first half of the year

JunePhoto by pexels-boris-pavlikovsky

Before June gets old// 2023 The first half of the year


Photo by pexels-boris-pavlikovsky

June the last month in the first half of the year which ended a few days back has been an interesting ride, a lot has transpired since the year began with so much uncertainty for me, had to push myself hard despite the fear, one of the first things I did this year was to move to a different city with no solid plans or money just with the hope that I’ll get a job and I’ll just wing it as it goes. Scary right?

I did more inward checking and deciding nothing but to live the life I dream and want for myself, which brings me to ask the question.

What have you been up to since the first quarter of the year?


Started afresh:


In the first half of this year, I started fresh, changed my line of work, and moved to a different location away from my family and city. It’s been a ride of up and downs trying to adjust especially in a city like Lagos, read about it on the link below, but it has been worth the journey life should be full of adventures and experiences I can assure you that. Starting on a new page is always difficult but worth the try.

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Lost myself in the process:


We often lose ourselves pursuing certain things we want to achieve in life, when I say” lose ourselves” I mean who we truly are, the things that bring us genuine happiness and satisfaction, and what we love to do. Since the beginning of the first half of the year, I hadn’t had the time to go back to the things I used to love and at some point, I realized that what I was doing was consuming me and eating me up, that’s not the kind of life I envisioned. I took a bold step, one thing is to be aware and another is to take action, this is where results come into play.


Worked away from something good that wasn’t meant for me


So I decided to walk away from something good that wasn’t meant for me that’s the point I enjoyed a little freedom. It’s hard I must stop doing something that looks like it’s so valuable and benefiting
We are always so scared of starting afresh, starting on a new page. I can understand, especially when we’ve invested so much time in what we used to do, what used to know, have, or experience, it’s like tearing out a part of you and beginning a new one. It’s so scary, however, it’s better than remaining where you are complaining, and giving another the power to ruin your life. So I quit the job I was doing at a bank, and I’ve never been so proud of myself. to know when to stop, we all should.

I’m learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from things not meant for me.

Before june gets old
Photo from pexels-tamar-Willoughby


Picking myself back up

And it’s been a process of picking myself back up from where I left off, in my art, guitar learning reading, and all the other things that I derive joy doing, it’s been like a breath of fresh and its quite painful I must say, feels like I kept delaying my growth and progress. At first, it was rusty had to drive a long route to go pick up my guitar, and restring and I’m kicking it off already. The month of June felt like a second chance.

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Focusing on my goals

All through June I’ve had ample time for myself, started with sketches, finished a book, and practiced a few times, in June it was more of reminiscing on how the year has been and how far apart I’ve drifted from some of my goals, aligning with them and trying to salvage what I can.

The first half of the year was like floating on water however now I’m focusing on my goals and putting efforts into becoming the better version of myself.


Learned how to save better and manage money

This I’m grateful for, not like I haven’t been saving all along, the first half of the year was different because I was very intentional with my saving that has helped me form the habit of saving, it’s something I’m proud of, had to give myself a pat on the back, being financially aware and conscious is a major goal for me this year and it’s been a lovely experience having to learn about money through books and how to manage them, financial freedom is something you work towards doesn’t happen at an instant. click to read my post on financial freedom.


Let’s hear your story:

What did you do in the month of June?
How has been the first half of 2023?
How many of your goals have you achieved this year yet?


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