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Turning Twenty Seven- Another trip round the sun

Turning Twenty Seven- Another trip round the sun

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Twenty seven- Another trip around the sun.



Today I feel grateful to be alive, haven’t felt this way in a long while, turning twenty seven! well I guess adulthood and all of It’s ups and down has a way of stifling the life out of you, we forget how to truely live, we forget to focus on things that truly brings us happiness, a clich√© that is very much true; the older you get the more you understand the most important and beautiful things of life, you get to choose what’s more important every step of the way as you climb the ladder.

So far I can say my 20’s has been an evolving season of constantly discovering myself, learning to prioritise myself, building on self love, self worth, self confidence and self esteem. Truely distinguishing what my real values are. Every chapter most especially since I turned 25 i’ve become more aware and concious of myself and the need to heal in various areas.

It’s beautiful to be aware of who you were, who you are and what you are becoming, a sequential line of retrospection and a great deal of soul searching, when I turned 25 it felt like a golden age I was very much excited but turning twenty seven! Has a serenity around it that feels different maybe because I’ve become alot more gentle and kind to myself it’s like I’m at the point where I just understand!

Birthday gift
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Damn! Is that what maturity is like? Well I guess so

I understand better with a clearer interpretation of what is happening to me, why I’m where I am and what is happening to me on a constant basis, I don’t know if you can relate to this so far.


Turning Twenty Seven comes with a bucket full of love letters to myself and mixture of everything good and bad with the understanding that it’s okay if certain things hurt for certain reasons, owning things up to yourself, taking responsibility as an adult that you are.

I could keep blabbing on but I’m at my happiest today it may not be written all over my face, I always have plans for my birthdays just like this one but it never makes it to reality just stays as an imagination of what could’ve been and I usually just lie in bed all day pretending like I don’t care when I’m dying inside 😂 but I choose to celebrate myself today because damn it’s not easy to be me if you doubt that you can give it a try. It feels like the least I can do is applaud my self for being at my strongest.

A few of the many thing’s I’m grateful for.


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Growth: If there’s a better way to express how I feel about growth I’d take time in divulging it all, you get to learn that growth can be painful, embarrassing or frustrating and you just have to embrace it. I’m grateful for how much I’ve grown in the transitioning of adulthood. Like the famous quote, your only competition is the better version of yourself and that’s what one should be focusing on. Growth entails change of perception, understanding, ideologies, values, pain and healing.

Healing: healing is a process, the negative influence people have had on me and the ones I have for myself, It’s okay if healing doesn’t happen as soon as you expect, be patient enough to wait. Healing can be dependent on the things your scared to try or give a thought.

Life:¬† Life is a gift as you age life teaches lessons that are crucial, life in itself is priceless and a precious gift in all you do or go through always be grateful for life, it’s an opportunity to achieve great things.

Support systems: I cannot but overemphasis this, the community we have, friends family, people that never cease to encourage, rebuke you every chance they get, they help you build consciousness on your life, chooses and decisions

Among other things, I’m grateful for good health, all the things accomplished so far, pushing even when the going gets tough, grateful to have God in my life, ever faithful and ever true. Cheers to a new season, it feels fresh.

Happy birthday to me🎊🎁 I might spend the whole day listening to Anne Marie’s it’s my birthday. 😂💃


Are birthdays special to you?
Do you feel any sudden growth or change when you become a year older?

Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section below:

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