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10 Tips to know before starting a new job

Tips for starting a new job

Two people starting a new jobPhoto from pexels by fauxels

Top 10 Tips to know before starting a new job

Two people starting a new job
Photo from pexels by fauxels


Starting a new job is like being a new character in season 5 of a show, the audience is not well receptive because they are already used to the cast, however, they get to love the new character, It could take a longer time for some but then they get along. Most of the time it feels embarrassing for no reason or intimidating as well especially when it’s probably in a new sector your

are not very accustomed to which may require a lot of willingness to learn and adapt.

There are various things to expect and not expect at your new place of work. There are various impressions to give and receive in return but the cool thing is being you and giving your best is all that matters because efficiency is what any employer would sort out to see as well well a

friendly working experience.
Here are the do’s and don’t s to be mindful of when starting a new job.


Top 10 Tips on how to get along at your new job


Showing off skills at a new job
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1. You don’t need to prove yourself First things first,

You don’t need to prove anything to anyone, there’s no competition, yes it’s important to make a good impression however you don’t need to put yourself under any sort of pressure. People will get to meet the real you with time and respect your personality and skill. When you try to prove a point you may often end up making mistakes or creating a bad impression of yourself at every point in time being you is unnegotiable. So keep your calm and just be yourself.


2. Ask questions a lot

Asking questions is a pass ticket to making fewer mistakes, it creates an avenue for you to interact with your colleagues and learn more about the job. Asking questions guides you on what to do at every point so you make fewer mistakes, also know that making mistakes is part of learning especially when you start at a different unit or field you are used to.


3. Be friendly, project a welcoming charisma

The second tip to know before starting a new job is to be friendly and project a welcoming charisma, people don’t talk to or socialize with a person that is uptight, unfriendly, harsh, or rude, and when you emit this kind of character you’ll find it hard working in your new environment, You have to smile often, greet people be receptive and welcoming than your new colleagues can easily approach you and ask questions.


Helping out a colleague at a new job
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4. Interect with people/new workplace, participate in activities when necessary

Interacting with people is one of the ways to create a good working environment, participating in activities when needed can also project a welcoming charisma.


5. Introduce yourself

Introducing yourself is a way to get people to know you and also interact with your colleagues. It may not start on a good note, but you can try, you don’t need to be an extrovert to approach people even an introvert can, what you need to do is look for someone more friendly and welcoming to approach, and then you can make a friend.


6. Research a lot about the firm

The 6th tip to know before starting a new job is to do a background check on the company you are about to work for and be conversant with what they do, their purpose, mission, and vision. Familiarise yourself with their history if need be, departments and units.


7. Be well-informed and put on your A game

When you diligently do your background check you’ll be well informed and reduce the chance of being embarrassed. It also equips you to put on your A game, because you’ll be more energized with the information you have and the innovation/values you intend to add to the company.


showing off skills
Photo from pexels by andrea-piacquadio


8. Do you and maximize your strengths and skills.

Do you and be you, as stated in the first tip, you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone, people will get to know you and appreciate you for who you are. This is the more reason you don’t have to pretend to be someone else or like the things you don’t like by compromising your standards and values. Be your authentic self.

Being more focused on maximizing your strengths and skills automatically makes people like you and have a good impression of you. This is what sets you apart and makes you a unique individual in the company or firm.


9. Don’t set unrealistic goals

Now when starting your new job don’t set unrealistic goals because firstly you are not trying to impress anyone but yourself, setting unrealistic goals makes you beat yourself up unnecessarily and leaves a feeling of incompleteness. Set goals that are achievable especially when in a new field.


10. Don’t be too expectant and wear your confidence like a coat.

The 10th tip to know before starting a new job, Don’t expect anything from anyone, to reciprocate your kindness or a colleague wanting to talk with you or socialize or even friendship, just do them without expecting much because we are not in control of other people’s behavior and choices.

Dress well and wear your confidence like a coat, confidence screams from afar the individuality and authenticity of a person, never let anyone intimidate you, and show people the real you, your smartness, intelligence, and talents. Dressing well also boats your confidence level, most especially on your first day at work, look good.

It’s not always easy for humans to adapt to a new environment generally even when starting a new job in a new environment however we adapt because we need to and that’s what makes us human, so I’ll advise you to be patient with experience it all sorts it’s self out, nobody remains a new employee forever, at some point we blend in.

Lastly, give it time, be your authentic self, sell your strengths, and never let anyone intimidate or trample on you.

Congratulations on your new employment. 🎊School and 

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