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Surviving 2023 in a nutshell || What was the year like?

Surviving 2023 in a nutshell

A surviving plantSometimes surviving is enough

17 Life  Lessons from the Year 2023|| Surviving 2023



Surviving 2023 in a nutshell, most of us who are living in 3rd world countries like Nigeria can attest to the fact that it was a hell of a year, Surviving is enough achievement for anyone living in Nigeria, we are all aware of the poor economic state of the country as at the beginning of the year but immediately after the election and swearing in of new government it was like all hell let loose and it lingered till the end of the year. Many people went ahead to still achieve their goals which is applaudable while some others struggled all through the year to just survive the year. for me, it was survival mode all through.

Hey, fam! it’s been a while since I wrote here, my mind was mixed up in a lot of things I couldn’t concentrate on blogging anymore or on certain goals I had planned to achieve in the year 2023. In one of my posts Moving To Lagos Nigeria || 10 questions to consider before moving to Lagos. where I shed light on the major decision I made in the year 2023 in a bid to find greener pastures coupled with the downfall of the Nigerian government system making life hard for the masses. Paul Kay has a better narrative on this https://paulkaywrthis-is-the-worst-era-to-grow-up-as-a-nigerian-in-your-20s

Surviving 2023 in a nutshell
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With the change in power life in Nigeria has become unbearable, so 2023 in a nutshell was me picking my pieces together and trying to make something out of it coupled with living in Lagos where you pay unending taxes and transportation is an issue, even as 2023 is a year I had one of the worst experiences yet it was a good year because achieved 2 major goals that secures my 2024 and makes living a lot easier.

So while people were celebrating the new car they bought or a  certificate acquired or getting married in the year 2023 I was all out celebrating the fact that I survived 2023 in one piece and it’s enough to be grateful for, in all honesty, I didn’t achieve major goals I had in mind and for the first time and I’m not mad at myself only proud that I was strong enough to survive. Here we are in the new year starting all over planning better and taking it a step at a time.

A major thing about surviving 2023, in a nutshell, is the life lessons taught and learned


Life lessons
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Lessons Learnt Surviving 2023

1. Surviving is better than achievements

2. Sometimes we make plans and life happens

3. Always create boundaries in a relationship

4. Give yourself more credit than you do

5. Surround yourself with people pursuing the things you are pursuing or those who have already achieved it

6. Moments become memories, people become lessons

7.  Owning my choices and decisions

8. Always have time to rest your body

9. You can make it if you try

10. Don’t give people power over you, always choose, and don’t let anyone make you feel less

11. Actively learn from your mistakes and wrong decisions

12. Let people go when you’ve tried to hold them

13. Always meet new people they have a way of sparking your dreams

14. You need money to do anything worthwhile

15. Build multiple streams of Income

16. Always be on a self-improvement journey,

17. Read self-help books that cause self-growth


Let’s hear your comments below:

What was 2023 like in your country?

How was the year for you?

What lessons did you learn from the year?

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