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Poem: The Wandering Soul

A poem: The wandering soul

A wandering soul in a green forestThe wandering soul

The Wandering Soul


I’m always but mostly unreachable, you’d see me but it’s so hard to find me,

not because I enjoy being away, not because it’s of my own will.
I wish I knew how to stay, how to always be present, never out of your reach.
I want that too, I often wish I knew how

Hiding in the cupboard, always behind the shadows, second-guessing.

It’s so hard to find me not because I want it so but because the wheel of time is always a step ahead of me
I want to be there, I want to be heard, I want to be seen,

Oh know! That I do it unconsciously not because I’m afraid but because I’m used to the woven pattern of watching from behind the curtains, I tell you the view is beautiful but I often loose myself in it..

the art of being alone, staying separated, delving into my soul, wondering aimlessly and wishing upon the stars.
I want to be found, I want to be present,

where everyone else is but I find myself stuck in my own garden tending to it’s fruits.

Reach out to me as many times as you can and maybe someday, just someday when I look upon the stars I’d see your hands reaching out.


Poem by Eke Ihuoma


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