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Burnout | My ordeal coping with work stress

Burnout|My ordeal Coping With Stress.

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Hello, fam! It’s been like forever I know I just up and left this space for a while but I’m back now hopefully and you’ll get to read more interesting contents ici. First of all pardonnez moi. 

The major reason I’ve been away for a while is work stress and time, I’ve been battling between stress in cause of the kind of job i do and time because a day becomes too short to achieve so little, stress is real people! Sometimes your just too tired physically and mentally to do anything i think that’s what a total burnout is, it really did affect my day to day life. I couldn’t just get myself to write or paint nor draw it was that bad, most times I’m just so tired that the excitement and motivation to do any of these just dies away.

At the beginning of the year i made a blog post about 5 things I would want to achieve this year I haven’t gotten back to you guys but I think the examining comes by the end of the year though I did land a Job, A teaching job and i am running two jobs at a time, you could imagine the stress. I must say teaching is not easy, handling the students, shouting at the top of your voice, managing the class making sure they comprehend the lesson using different techniques sometimes answering difficult questions 😂 phew!

But in the end, I think there’s no job that doesn’t stress you out but on the other hand, if it’s a job you enjoy or are passionate about the stress won’t have a hold on you, I mean it would be stress you don’t mind going through like often when I paint and I get up from the table with so much backache I don’t feel it much because of the pleasure I derived in creating that piece.

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One of the days I woke up and I tried on a skirt I wore like a week ago and it was falling off my waist and I was like indeed I’ve lost weight I got to work that same day and a college called my attention to tell me how I’ve grown slimmer within the space of a week and I was like is it that obvious?

Let’s talk about mental stress.

Mental stress saps energy, it affects every other thing around you, For a while I’ve been in this circle, it doesn’t even let you think properly, having a headache has become a norm sometimes I wake up in the morning with a banging head and mental stress is the more reason I haven’t been able to blog for a while or do other things i derive pleasure doing. In-between i had to fight it of, atleast for my health sake so i consciously took some actions, here’s a few. Not a professional advice though but it worked for me.

How to ease off mental stress.

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Drink Lots of water

The remedy I tried that has worked so well is drinking a lot of water! Very important it sometimes helps the headache. And keeps your circulatory system regulated it has a way of cooling the bodies temperature, you feel more relaxed and at peace when you take lots of water.

Have Enough Rest

This should not be overlooked it’s so true, Your whole body and organs gets to rest to a great extent, you feel refreshed when you’ve had good rest. Sometimes it does it all for me.

I had to change my sleeping routine instead of sleeping late I slept earlier to be able to have enough rest and wake up on time since I couldn’t keep away from the cause of the stress and it worked a great deal.

Apart from resting during night time, I made it a duty to rest on my free days like sleep a whole Afternoon till evening.

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A Painting by Oma’sArt
The full picture of a painting by Oma'sArt


Do Something Rejuvenating or Fun

Well, I think doing something rejuvenating helped too to take my mind of stress like watching a series. I’m currently seeing The Vikings, now I’ve gone back to painting, just finished this random portrait, and writing aswell, things i derive joy doing and somehow it’s been better, this is a remedy you should try too if you are facing stress or work stress, it doesn’t have to be painting or writing, you could go outing with friends or do whatever is fun to you.

Stay Away From The Source.

If possible it will help a great deal. There are some causes of stress we can’t stay away from like work, but the one’s we can, we should stay far from or minimize.

Atleast the stress reduces

Presently I’m thinking of quitting one of the Jobs for many other reasons aside stress but I think the cause of the stress will be evaded as well.

Let’s hear your thoughts

So how are you coping with stress?

What kind of Job do you do?

What ways do you suggest in coping with stress?


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