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Adulting || The Longing for companionship

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The Longing for companionship


There comes a time in a person’s life that you’ll begin to long for a companion, I’ve come to realize it’s a thing that comes with age. Every young adult when we get to a particular age which is somewhat different for the male and female gender, we begin to long to have a loved one to build life with or share life struggles or burdens with. It’s beyond having friends or closely relating with family members.

Hey munchkin it’s been a minute, I haven’t been on this space for almost a year now, well so sorry about it, life, adulting is a journey we weren’t properly prepared for. Sometimes I wish I could go back to being a child or teenager. It’s a lot easier coupled with the current economic state of Nigeria, mehn! Ok it’s crazy! If you have a friend or family members in Nigeria I advise you call often to check up on them.

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Since I moved to the beautiful city of Lagos I haven’t really had not necessarily time but the right mental state to write, if you don’t hold a grasp on yourself Lagos can be a moving train that’s constantly on transit but you’d have to be able to know how to jump of the train or make it stop. Trust me it’s a skill,¬† before I begin to sound weird.
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Adulting helps you understand that life is in stages and there’s time for everything, there’s a season to work hard and try to map out a road map for your life, there’s the season to begin to actually walk the road map, and some points being in a relationship can be distracting or demanding however after a long period of hard work and trying to set up a life for yourself you’ll begin to have the urge to want to share life with someone this is how I’ve been feeling lately. Mushy feelings ,

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I often admire people who go into relationships and build their lives together with a committed partner alongside, these kind of people may not really understand this, but then there’s the general public.

Lately I’ve been trying to get a grip of my emotions and reaffirm to myself that there’s no rush but sometimes it’s a battle with friends and acquaintances all round putting out wedding invitations, or pregnancy shot and the likes could sting abit.

My close friend always hears the end of it I always go to pour out my frustrations and she’d comfort me. Love is a beautiful thing when you are doing it with the right person, but I’ve come to accept that being open minded does the trick and literally just living your life and focusing on upgrading the things that need upgrading to attract the kind of partner we want. Like we all say, the universe has a way to bring to our doorstep the things we desire and work towards obtaining.

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A little advice for my fellow singles, live in the moment, live life and enjoy life, don’t be engrossed in the desire or longing of having a companion rather see it on a different light and try to maximize your single hood while the sun shines. For me right now, I’m all about investing in myself, looks, food I eat, Clothes, accessories, financial¬† streamszl, everything I’ve ever really wanted, the better life.

The feeling is real, it’s an important need but you can’t control it or the outcome so just keep living, the right one will find you.

You are not alone in this journey.

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