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Glitters on water with a man in a canoe

Glitters on water// 2023 Poem.

Glitters on water     Glitters on water shimmering like a burning fire. As I tow my canoe in admiration And the waves direct me to my course I look upon the waters and behold a channel of life. Washing and...

Wounded hand of a wounded soldier

Poem 2022: Wounded Soldier

Wounded Soldier  With A Punctured Heart.   I'm a wounded soldier with a punctured heart. Yes, you can never tell because I tend to cover it up well but it hurts. I live every day fighting the battle's of life...

A frog in Never-Ending Pain

2022 Poem || Never-Ending Pain

Never-Ending Pain     _The pains that i feel is none that man can remedy,_ _It hurts so bad that i can feel my skin peel at the flash of every moment,_ _Like a wound that will forever bleed,_ _Streamlets...

A boulevard of green trees with a person walking down

Poem: Boulevard’s of memories

Boulevard's Of Memories.   As i walk down these boulevard's of memories i see plants, flowers, pathways and buildings but in these hold memories so dear, at every point i halt and with a glimmer of grin spread over my...


Poem || The Ticking Time Bomb

The Ticking Time BombEmotions that ruptureI'm a ticking time bomb there's no much difference between I and the ticking clock, the only thing revealing is that I show red lines.I'm a ticking time bomb I make no noise before I...

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