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5 Things I Want To Achieve This Year.

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In my last blog update, I talked about starting the new year and changing Old habits in my last update here and I also highlighted one major old habit that I wanted to change and so far so good I can reward myself for keeping up to the task. Tanto Olalekun who is a lifestyle blogger inspired me to make this post, from the onset i felt I would be letting out too much but then it’s a lifestyle blog and it won’t be one if i don’t share. Visit the blog to view her blog posts.

So I’d like to share with you 5things I want to achieve this year.

I know some persons don’t believe in making new year resolutions but I do, I mean, after all, we’ve been through in the last year being intentional about what we do with our lives and time in this year 2021 is paramount. Making resolutions has to do with setting goals but that’s just a mile away from the realization of these goals. If we decide that we want to be intentional about our choices this year bringing our goals to reality is  essential like I talked about in my blog post click to view. Though my goals for the year are more than I will mention, here are my 5 major goals.

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1. Getting a Stable Job:

Some of my readers would know that I’ve been job hunting for a while I talked about it in a post here  I need a job to be able to save and organize my life properly it’s necessary. Most of my goals this year are attached to this numéro uno  of these 5 things I’d want to achieve, like moving out of my parents home which entails alot of planning and financial back up.  I need to start earning money any way I can because i want my independence and I mean in all ramification knowing that life after school is the real world we were groomed for and more so it will give me leverage over quite a lot.

2. Becoming more consistent in blogging

Blogging is not as easy as it looks, you need to be consistent in blogging and creating good content and to be sincere I struggle alot with blogging not because I’m not passionate about blogging but because I don’t seem to have enough time to concentrate on blogging. So this year I’ve made plans on how to be better at blogging at least a minimum of 48 posts this year, an increase in my views. Move the blog to a paid hosting site and have more authority, buy a domain name, and gain more followers on the blog, do more collaborations. Amongst these blogging goals taking writing seriously and publishing articles is something I want to achieve too. 

3. Taking my art to another level: 


In the last year, I’ve not been very dedicated to creating artworks though I did a total of 18 paintings and 4 drawings which is poor, so this year I’ve decided to up my game to a total of 50 paintings and drawings there helping me master the art of drawing and painting. I’ve also resolved to make more original paintings than remaking other people’s paintings because there’s a different feeling to having your own and being purely original. I plan on attending art exhibitions as well which I believe will help connect me to other artists and art communities and also spur my creativity.

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4. Giving myself a treat and going on vacations.

This is something I hardly do, I’m the indoor kind of person and I think I need an upgrade in my activities and going out often would be just perfect in making me open up to the world around me.

Which is another reasons I need to get a stable job … This year I want to try not to be so hard on myself like I’ve been over the years, like do more fun things, give myself a treat, go outting and enjoy the moment and just be happy, this is very important for me. 2020  was hard on us and I’m not letting the years push me around I’ll take a break when I need to. So this year I’m doing just that.

5. Practice My guitar more often.


This is another crucial goal for me I made a post here  on achieving written goals where I talked about how I finally got my acoustic guitar, so this year I want to focus on practicing with it more often. The probability of becoming a badass in a year is not assured I’m aware of that but I plan on passing the beginner stage and acquiring a lot of skills and techniques in playing the guitar more so, do acoustic guitar song covers this might not be easy but I’m ready to push myself to my limits. And as well do song covers cos I like to sing a lot.

There are some others like reading two books a month yes I’m working on it, it’s good to read books to widen your horizon of knowledge so for this January I’ll finish Falling Forward by John C. Maxwell and Making Today Count by Brian Tracy these two authors are great writers I love to read their books. I’ll try my best to keep up.

I can’t possibly write everything out but I just picked 5 in order not to bore you with a long list of what I want to do in the year. I may or may not accomplish all but I prefer to look on the positive side. Somehow I feel like sharing it here with you guys will compel me to keep at realizing them because I’d have to account for them by the end of the year. So here are some of the things I’d like to do this year. Thanks for reading. I’d like to hear from you.

What goals do you have planned out for the year?

What 5 things would you like to achieve this year?

Have you started achieving these goals?

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