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Top 10 Nigerian movies you ought to see

10 Nigerian movies you must watch

watching nigerian movies at a cinema

10 Nigerian Movies You Must See


We all must agree that Nigerian movies have taken another height, Now I can comfortably watch recommended Nigerian movies because I’m confident in the value they’ll dish out.

The movie industry has done a total upgrade in their screen display, acting, story plot, directing, equipment used during movies, graphics and videography in romantic movies or action movies, there’s a certain level of satisfaction when I turn on my screen to see a Nigerian action movie these days other than before. It’s beautiful how they go out of their way to make these movies great knowing it’s not a government-sponsored sector but by individuals and truth be told from the moment some of these old Nigerian actors went into directing they’ve been able to achieve a whole lot.

Some movies just stick because they are so relatable and that’s the new experience I get watching these current thriving films, there’s more of the African scene in it, our culture, languages, history, struggles etc like when you watch movies like Gangs of Lagos, king of boys (I love it in particular), Shanty town, Aníkúlápó, Far from home or blood vessel you’ll find the exploration of our beautiful culture, diverse languages, things that happen in our daily society, or tribes that are not always projected. Now I can go to the Cinema to watch a Nigerian movie because I believe it will be worth my every dime.

If I wanted to write a list of my favorite Nigerian movies it’d be a long one but in other to bring the recent movies to life I’ll talk about these 10 Nigerian movies I’ve seen except for one. And I’ll arrange them in no particular order.

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Breath of life a nigerian movie

1. Breath of life

Exploring life and destiny, where one must live to fulfill their purpose and is barred from death until completion. The scene created, the plot and actors were just perfect, A story about a man called Timi who went into ministry and came down to Nigeria to settle and start ministry however is met by a tragedy that will forever change his life and belief. You’ll love this!


blood vessel a nigerian movie

2. Blood vessel

People fleeing a town devastated by oil pollution stow away on a mysterious ship -not realizing the dangers that await. A major thing I love about this movie is the language and culture that was exhibited other than the common 3 tribes of Nigeria usually depicted in movies it also has an amazing story shedding light on the struggles of the Niger Deltans it’s a good watch.


A tribe called Judah a nigerian movie

3. A tribe called Judah

The movie follows the story of a family of boys “who decide to rob a small mall with the help of their mother. However, on getting there, they are faced with armed robbers. This Nigerian movie I’m yet to see but the reviews have been something else and I can’t wait to watch not to talk of how A tribe called Judah has been topping the charts I think you should see it too.


Gangs of Lagos a nigerian movie

4. Gangs of Lagos

A group of friends who each have to navigate their destiny, growing up on the bustling streets and neighborhood of Isale Eko, Lagos. This movie tells the story of the typical present-day Lagos and what goes on in the background, how street kings and thugs rule the city hand in hand with the government, and really it’s so relatable because since i moved to the city of Lagos I’ve experienced certain things myself and I’ve heard a lot. The likes of Tobi Bakre, Chike and Adeshua Etomi realy pulled it off omo! I love the action, brutality, graphics it’s just perfect! its a 10/10 for me


Blood sisters a nigerian movie

5. Blood sisters

Bound by a dangerous secret, friends Sarah and Kemi are forced to go on the run after a wealthy groom disappears during his engagement party. The graphics displayed and the plot were indeed creative and we can all agree that the story is intriguing, as well as the arrangement of the plot, the plot twist, and the scenes. I don’t think there’s any Nigerian who hasn’t seen this movie because it gained so much popularity. Ramsi Noah, Nancy Nsime, Ini Dime, Kate Hanshaw served us with good acting.

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Aníkúlápóa nigerian movie

6. Anikulakpo/Aníkúlápó

Anikulapo tells the story of a young man (Saro) who let the intoxication of power sway him away from reasoning and to his doom.  After an affair with the king’s wife leads to his demise,  After fate gives him a second chance at life, a zealous traveler encounters a mystical bird with the power to give him another chance. he ruins it by letting greed get the most out of him.

Aníkúlápó is a Yoruba-based movie, that expressly talks about the culture and traditions of the people, the plot twist is something to watch Kunle Remi and Bimbo outdid themselves. Normally I don’t watch Yoruba movies because we can all agree it’s usually trash but trust me this one beat it up a notch.  it tells the story of love, betrayal, greed


A naija christmas is a christmas nigerian movie

7. A Nigerian Christmas

Determined to carry out their mother’s one wish, the three men scramble to find wives they can bring home by Christmas. Meanwhile, their mum sets out to plan the most beautiful Christmas celebration ever.

We all get that Christmassy feeling during the season to just chill with family, eat food, laugh, and watch movies with our family members, now here is something Nigerian we can watch and relate with a typical Naija Christmas with family drama.


Introducing the Kujus is a nigerian movie

8. Introducing the Kujus

Introducing The Kujus tells the story of five Nigerian siblings who are at  crossroads. They do not want to return to their hometown in Badagry for the five-year memorial service of their late mum … This movie depicts a normal Nigerian family with all its it chaos, its an interesting one to watch.


brotherhood is a nigerian movie

9. Brotherhood

After years of fighting to survive on the streets of Lagos, two brothers fall on opposite sides of the law. Tobi and Falz were the main characters of the movie the action, graphics, and story plot were giving, an action movie that brings it home.


Living in bondage is a nigerian movie

10. Living in bondage

Mentored by an enigmatic tycoon, an ambitious young man faces a crisis when his rise in power draws him deep into the occult.

Living in Bondage: Breaking Free, also known as Living in Bondage II, is a 2019 Nigerian
This movie is quite old but mehnn I can watch it over and over for me it sheds light on the struggle of a typical Nigerian youth who wants to make something out of his life living in a harsh economy like Nigeria and finds himself joining a cult in pursuit of money, it’s amazing how this story talks about what is currently and increasingly going on among our Nigerian youths. Personally I believe this is an old Nigerian movie that was re-created.

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There are so many movies that I could list out but I promise you this 10 will be worth your while. Get your popcorn ready, go to the cinema, or you can Netflix and chill at home and have fun, It will be worth your time

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