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Moving To Lagos Nigeria || 10 questions to consider before moving to lagos.

10 questions to consider before moving to Lagos

A picture of myself after moving to Lagos Nigeria, at shoprite Ikeja mall.Omablanche

How I moved to Lagos, Nigeria.



Hello lovelies it’s been like forever! Happy new month first of all, Yes I know it’s the 3rd month in the year 2023, it’s about to end and I’ve been in communido, well guess what guys? I movedĀ  again!

I moved from PortHarcourt to Lagos Nigeria, on the first week of January this year, mehn.. I must say Lagos is no child’s play, such a thinking needs alot of thinking through to arrive at.


So the last quarter in the year 2022 wasn’t much of a good season for me it was full of ups and down and unreached expectations but guess what we came out stronger.
I had very few options, I was back home, broke jobless and feeling miserable, I just hard to figure things out and look for a better way out then I came to the conclusion that teaching would’nt be the way even though I highly regard the profession, so I crossed my T’s and doted my I’s to come to a resolve.

How ever the decision to move was a long thought process since 2021 it was a back and forth because in all honesty I feared lagos for what it was and did all my possible best to avoid winding up here, fortunately for me, here I am. 😁


Mehn!! Believe it when they say Lagos is full of mad people, not in the literal sense anyway, i’ll define lagos as a diamond in the dirt, it’s a tough and rough place coated with opportunities and the possibilities of dreams coming alive.
I can not talk less of the crazy traffic on the roads of Lagos that can keep you 4-5hours on a journey of 1hour or 30minutes or the high level of insecurity and theft or exuberant transportation prices, it’s an over populated city with a great deal of infracstructures, a place where people actually have zero time to care or wait.

A picture of myself at Shoprite ikeja, Lagos Nigeria.


Moving to a new city can be daunting not to talk of of moving to Lagos Nigeria, like the say Lagos is like the New York of America. Everyone who has lived or been to Lagos must definitely have a story to share, it’s like a forming ground for great people, not because of anything special but because of the untapped opportunities lying around that can only be grabbed and noticed by those who see them, I’ve seen shege inside this lagos 😂


You can’t talk about Lagos, Nigeria and forget to mention 3rd mainland bridge! At times it’s the only soothing view in the nerve wrecking traffic one is always caught up in, a relieving view that screams better days are ahead!!

One of the major advantages about moving to Lagos is that you get to meet a greet deal of people, hoping into a cab one cool evening on my way back from my first interview in lagos, I initiated a conversion with the driver, ranting about Lagos life and that of Lagosians and he went, “see in Lagos all you need is to connect with the right people and a little patience to come to limelight”, it struck differently and held I it to heart.


I’ll always remember having to wake up at 3am to leave home by 4am just to avoid traffic and get home by 9-10pm, jumping buses at every alite, it feels like living in a different world.

Here in my previous post when I talked on 5 good reasons why you should move out to a new environment, click on the link to check it out. I had recently moved to Ilesha Osun state and the feeling was a sweet experience not disregarding the challenges that came along but then I was excited about having to leave home and move out to a new environment, I totally loved it, every single thing I talked about is what I relive here, now, at this very moment I lie on my bed writing.

At this point it comes with a more serious beacon being the grown adult we all should be, the pressure of wanting to achieve goals pursue goals and not living regretting we never truely lived.

Moving to a city like Lagos for me hovers the cloud of, “this is life, this is your life, take it seriously and lay your bed wisely”. Every single minute, money spent, people met, are to be accounted for, no time to waste just moving forward and moving up the ladder as far as you can go.


10 questions to consider before moving to Lagos Nigeria.

A picture of me having moved to Lagos
Shoprite Ikeja Lagos.


1. Why do I want to move to Lagos?
2. What i’m I looking for?

3. What do I want out of life?
4. Why go through the struggle and pain?

5. Is it worth the fight?
6. Do I seek a certain platform or opportunity I think lagos has to offer?

7. Is this where God want’s me to flourish?
8. Are there bigger plans I have aside this environnement?

9. Is there a certain group of people I need to meet to move up?
10. Do I want to go global or international?


Lagos is a place were great men are made, it teaches you what survival means and what the struggle should be worth it, without purpose the aim of a thing is defeated in order words without a clear vision of where you are going? Why you are going there and what you intend to achieve moving to a place like Lagos, Nigeria will become an unending journey of struggle and poverty, I must say i’ve seen the poorest even in this same lagos, multitude of beggers and people living under bridges.


I remember when I first mentioned moving to Lagos to my Dad and he frowned at the idea because he actually had an understanding of what a place it was and we sat and talked then we saw reason together.

One would think I have family members here in lagos, I wish, I moved to lagos and I’m living and surviving in lagos through friendship’s, both with people I know and don’t, they’ve been all amazing, so if your thinking of moving to lagos, here’s my piece of advice never forget the reason why you made the decision and it has to be a strong enough drive to push you even on the not so great days, Lagos is like unrefined gold, come and find yourself a space.

Welcome to Lagos, Nigeria!!

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