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Waiting, how hard can it be?

Waiting, how hard can it be?

Flower waiting to bloomPhoto by Dera

The Challenges we face while waiting.


Hello readers been a while I wrote on this space, I decided to talk about the challenges we face waiting for something we desire, so someone asked me a singular question that got me thinking about a whole lot of things and decisions I’ve made in the past and I’ve come to the point of realisation that some times when we are hopeful and full of expectations that become shattered, the heart grows weary. I wonder how long we have to wait for something we want so badly without it breaking us.


Each and every one of us have various things we are in wait for, it may be relationships waiting to meet the right one, child birth, a scholarship, financial breakthrough, help, health it ranges from one to a million things because as humans we can only hope for better days every single day. We want the best of everything, we want to live the best kind of life.

For me it’s been a long circle of waiting and trust me I write from a place of experience, I’m right here sitting on my bed and writing this post reminiscing on the question the spurred me into writing this post. For those who don’t know I’ve been single for a long time now, never have I been in any romantic relationship for reasons best known to me, while having a discussion with a friend who has had her own share of bad relationships, she popped a question after having shared her bad experiences in pursuit of love and romantic relationships, she asked, what’s your own story?

At the moment I thought hard and came to the realisation that I have no story whatsoever, no bad experiences nor good experiences I could hold onto as the reason for remaining celibate , I had to repeat the question to myself with hope to remind myself the reason I took this path then I realised that I’ve been waiting for so long that I almost forgot why I started the wait in the first place.


Flower in waiting
We are like flowers waiting to bloom in our season.

Waiting is hard, it feels like a never ending circle, it’s full of pains and uncertainties we don’t know when it ends, it often reminds us of how much we want what it is we are waiting for or maybe we could move out of the waiting and go our own way, the wait in itself reminds us of how long we’ve been waiting for. There can be so much hope that often gets dashed. Because we want to let God be in control of our decision,

Often times I ask myself what I’m I waiting for. What are you waiting for?
What if God makes you wait for too long? Well I’ll wait, it’s a privilege to wait on God.

This has to be the valid resolve as to what to do will waiting and why we have to wait for certain things to come to us.

“Life is about the choices we make, and the choices we make determine the outcome of our wait. Do not wait in despair, choose to wait in joyful anticipation, living your best life and trusting that God will come through for you in his own time, in his own way. There is so much purpose in waiting.

Do not waste the wait. You’ll be transformed from who you are to who He has called you to be. And sometimes it may tarry, but when it arrives, life’s sweetness will satisfy your soul.

Why does God make us wait? I think he wants us to grow in patience and endurance, which refines our character and leads us to fulfilling His purpose for our lives.”

Friends I know the wait can be hard, note that whatever it is your waiting for is for a reason and when it finally comes it will all make sense. So don’t give up waiting.

Let’s hear your story:

What are you currently waiting for?
Why are you waiting?
Do you think the wait is worth it?
How hard can it be?
How long have you had to wait for something you wanted so badly?

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