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A Poem about Nature – The Messenger

A hand holding some flowers


Sometimes when you behold the beauty of nature and absorb the energy it emanates, at some point your mind transposes to a new world, caught up in the heaven of beauty, lost in thoughts, then there is a shift.


It whispers to you and you loose consciousness of the present and dive into the subconscious where beauty lies then you see clearer, you become aware of what others cannot see.


You pick up your brush and let the colours flow throw you, oozing from your viens with your eyes closed.


You’re back where you were, you splash different colors on paper and let them marry each other, travel some distance as they bloom and explode or you pick your pen still you’re unconscious of your environment, lost in the depth of this beauty, a door is opened and ideas flood in.


They form rhythm and harmony as your hand touches the paper, words bleed as they find their way through your head onto paper or you are in the mist of the clouds hearing strange music and solemn sounds as the wind continuously kisses your skin.


You swing to the left and swing to the right as you stagger in the drunkenness of solitude, you recite the tunes as they flow, then you wake up and become aware of the conscious, it’s feels like you left this world and returned.


All of a sudden before you is a master piece, the creation of a painting that will blow the minds of people, a song that will leave them in wonder or a piece of writing that would put them in the state of drunkenness you found yourself.


Nature is creativity. Nature is where the inspiration lies. Nature passes a message to you that you need to tell the world.


God is the greatest Artist. 

You are the messenger.



Poem by Eke Ihuoma



Photo Credit: Mahrael boutros from Pexels

Eke Ihuoma
the authorEke Ihuoma
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My name is Eke ihuoma I'm a lifestyle blogger, i love writing and sharing my thoughts, my creativity daily experiences and perception of life asides this I'm a linguist by profession, I'm enthusiastic about languages, art, music, nature, photography. I'm a visual artist aswell.

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