Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Glitters on water with a man in a canoe

Glitters on water// 2023 Poem.

Glitters on water     Glitters on water shimmering like a burning fire. As I tow my canoe in admiration And the waves direct me to my course I look upon the waters and behold a channel of life. Washing and...


2022 In Retrospect

A Review on the year 2022   Every year comes with it's lessons, space for growth and total transformation. It can be dependent on how we see the happenings around us or notice these gateways and imbibing the new habits...

Wounded hand of a wounded soldier

Poem 2022: Wounded Soldier

Wounded Soldier  With A Punctured Heart.   I'm a wounded soldier with a punctured heart. Yes, you can never tell because I tend to cover it up well but it hurts. I live every day fighting the battle's of life...

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